The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Tame Impala + Louis C.K. + Alvvays + Lucero + Mac DeMarco + The xx + Girlpool + Kim Gordon + Deerhoof + PUP + Iron Chic + The Menzingers + more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Tame Impala + Louis C.K. + Alvvays + Lucero + Mac DeMarco + The xx + Girlpool + Kim Gordon + Deerhoof + PUP + Iron Chic + The Menzingers + more goodness

November 02, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

Happy November! Hope you’re raged up, blissed out, and ready to chill in darkness for the next 6 months or so. Helllll, yeah. Can’t wait. Really looking forward to that. Big fan of turning back the clocks and making everything worse. This is 2014 A.D. Don't most farmers have outdoor lights and glow in the dark robots to grow their shit now? Someone's gotta change this tradition, man. If they can strip Pluto of planet status we can totally defrock Turn Back The Clock. Vote #TURNBACKNO

Alas, we press on and forge ahead. Whattya say we talk about good shows this week? Who knows, maybe this dynamic digital feature will give off a little flicker of light in an otherwise shady start to a heavy season. #PARTY

Monday - November 3rd, 2014 A.D.

Country punks Lucero still keep trucking. Take the 9-5 and shove it, that's what this Memphis band has been living since 19-Naughty-8. And by 9-5 I mean 8-7, of course. But the longer hours are cool because most offices have ping-pong tables and free Kombucha and nap nooks now. One of the hardest working bands in the bizzzz start their three night run at Bowery Ballroom. Bottles up. Here’s my favorite Lucero song. I just thought you should know.

New Zealand alt ‘n b popster Kimbra + Brooklyn’s Empress Of (same) play a free-with-RSVP show (thanks, Steve Madden - I bought your shoes once - they were alright) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Or, you can play for the pleasure on Thursday at Bowery Ballroom if you want. Whatever you want to do. Totally your call.

DIY Detroit punks Tyvek + a “Special Guest” (please be Michael Jordan) play one of the last remaining shows at Death by Audio. Things should get real sloppy. You’ll be coming back for seconds.

Oh, yeah. Also. This guy His Holiness The Dalai Lama is at Beacon Theatre. You may have heard about this real buzzy emerging up-and-comer on your favorite leading alt music blob. Think Peace meets Love meets Pavement meets Fugazi.

Other notable shows = Psychic Twin at Baby’s All Right + Netflix at Amazon Prime


Tuesday - November 4th, 2014 A.D.

What more can you say about Mac DeMarco that hasn’t already been said in 2012 A.D.? What, I ask you, what? He headlines Terminal 5 tonight with New Zealand’s favorite psych-troubadour Connan Mockasin + King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. See how King Gizzard’s name is all lit up and all colorful like that? That means you can click it and learn more about them - a whole lot more - it doesn’t just go to the band’s website - a very common misconception - from bands asking if we will link to their website too - it's like, bands, did you even click on it and see where it goes or do you just automatically assume anything that's linked on the World Wide IntraSphere goes to a band's website and if so whoa, man, that's a super specific assumption.

So remember when I said all that about how linked band names go to a page that dynamically discusses that very band in original digital form? Well, Deerhoof is one of the very first band profiles I ever wrote for Oh My Rockness. If you click their name you can read it. It’s 10 years old and it stinks. But all Whoa My Blobness band profiles are my children just the same.

Oh yeah, Deerhoof also play Baby’s All Right the next three nights.

Once I had this horrible nightmare that I wrote this weekly digital feature that was really dynamic most days but one day it got dark and I blobbed about Nick Jonas playing a show at Gramercy Theatre. You know, the Disney Boys guy? It was awful. Just awful. Blobbing about one of the Disney Bros. That shit haunts me to this day. Please now enjoy this jam that 100000% shreds.

Other notable shows = Dave Attell at The Village Underground + Heeney at Palisades + Lucero at Bowery Ballroom


Wednesday - November 5th, 2014 A.D.

The xx play the Guggenheim tonight. But it’s sold-out. Tickets were $200. Each. Damn. Cold as Ice. Anyway, I’m really glad we had this talk about a show you're not going to. Please now enjoy this 4 hour video. It really gets interesting around the 3.5 hour mark. So be sure to watch the whole thing. It's cool. I'll wait.

Little Big League + LVL UP (click that) + eskimeaux (“alt” spelling trix) + Frankie Cosmos (click that) play a pretty poppy punky fuzzy party at Shea Stadium. You will have a good time at this show. Oh yes you will You will YOU WILL. The following is a really good album. You can listen to the whole thing just by clicking that sideways triangle button. And then it magically starts playing. For FREE, man. I shit you not. #2014ADSTRONG

Maybe you like it a little more laid back, a little more subdued. If that’s your mood, might I suggest Bruce Springsteen + Jon Stewart + Jon Oliver + Louis C.K. at the lovely and intimate Madison Square Garden tonight? Tickets range from $105 to $5,005 - whatever you can afford. Should be very #quaint and #cozy. This one’s a big benefit for heroes.

(You really gotta listen to this old Louis C.K. radio show when you get the chance. TBS. Very funny)

Jenny Lewis + Girlpool (the band that I’m pretty sure won CMJ because I think I saw them carrying a big trophy after the last of the 114 shows they played that week - rough estimate) play Terminal 5 tonight. Troop Beverly Hills forevaaaaaaa.

Other notable shows = Deerhoof at Baby’s All Right + Nude Beach at Mercury Lounge + Nick Jonas at MHOW (BAHHH!) + The Magician at Output + DON’T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!


Thursday - November 6th, 2014 A.D.

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Andy Warhol Films starts a three night run at BAM. This is exactly as it sounds and the players involved include Dean Wareham + Martin Rev + Tom Verlaine + Bradford Cox + Eleanor Friedberger. You know the bands these people are/were also in, right? OK. Cool. So I don't have to get into it. That's what I figured.

Kim Gordon + Bill Nace = Body/Head = Union Pool tonight (and again tomorrow). Go. Don’t go. Kim Gordon is just a living punk legend and an icon to many. So either way. This goodness is what it is.

PC Worship play Trans-Pecos. I like this band and told you as much. (I remember writing that way back on September 3rd, 2014. - those were different days, my friend). Go see main man Justin Frye mash some shit up and make it sound cool.

Another very intimate, small show of note. Stevie Wonder will play “Songs in The Key of Life” at Madison Square Garden tonight. And like Mac DeMarco, what can be said about Stevie Wonder that hasn’t already been said? “I don’t know what to say! I don’t know what to say! Baby. Bbbbbbbaby. Baby.”

(*this will only make sense if you watch the video below - but let’s face it - how many of you really do?)

Remember when I said Deerhoof was playing 3 nights at Baby’s this week? Well, that’s still happening and on this particular night Trans Am (that profile is so old it's older than the so old joke I made to open it) is opening. This “Post-Rock” band was one of the musical bridges that helped me cross over from liking shitty music to liking good music. Thanks, Trans Am. I owe you one. Here’s a great song. Those who actually stream things are gonna love it.

And tonight’s the start of the NY Comedy Festival. Did you know we also list comedy shows in NYC? It’s true. I would never ever lie to you about something so important.

(Posting the same video twice. Because I have punker rock DIY principles.

Other notable shows = Left & Right at Shea Stadium + Avi Buffalo at Mercury Lounge + Nick Jonas at Rough Trade (GAH!!!!!) + Tig Notaro at Town Hall


Friday - November 7th, 2014 A.D.

Well, this is clearly the best night of the entire week. Here are a few good things. But there are a LOT more where this came from.

IT’S PUNK POP NOT POP PUNK. The Menzingers and Spraynard lead a really good punk pop one at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Like almost always, it’s free. And spacious. In a good way. Speaking of good here is my favorite Menzingers song because I’m a sucker for those dueling vocals tho and POP PUNK IS NOT A DIRTY WORD YOU GUYS.

Speaking of punk-pop-pop-punk, PUP + Chumped are also really good at making that. See this pretty punk 1-2 pop punch at Mercury Lounge tonight. It’s going to be FUN. (I will now cease writing the word “pop” and desist typing the word “punk” for the remainder of this dynamic digital article - so help me blob.)

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival starts tonight. Go ahead and click their name and it’ll circle you right back to a different portal of our website where you’ll find out who is playing and why they are so awesome and how much and where.

And such as. And so forth. On and on this dynamic digital article goes.

Allison Crutchfield + Waxahatchee + Radiator Hospital play Asbury Lanes. I vouch for all three. That’s why their names are linked like that. I feel as if we’ve been over all of this before. But I can’t be sure. You see, there are no rear view mirrors here at Whoa My Blobness. That is why in 10 years I have never updated a band profile to better reflect their current embrace of styles, influences, and chill new sounds. It's a punker thing. You wouldn't understand.

Other notable shows = Hannibal Buress at Town Hall + Cold Specks at Rough Trade + Marc Maron at NYU Skirball Center + Peter Hook & The Light at Irving Plaza + Excepter at Death by Audio + Stepdad at Brooklyn Bowl + Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films at BAM


Saturday - November 8th, 2014 A.D.

LI’s Iron Chic + PA’s Beach Slang lead the way at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. I really like Iron Chic. They are 1000% fun. Do you remember one of my many Golden Rules? It goes a little something like this. BANDS: when YOU have fun up there WE have fun down here. This one is free. WORTH IT.

(btw, Beach Slang keep putting out great EPs and what's up with that???)

Philly’s Restorations play Mercury Lounge. File Under: Good Band. I told you more about them once. If you missed it, good news, life is full of digitally dynamic second chances. The goodness is there, ready for your embrace. It’s easy. It’s all in the click.

Toronto’s Alvvays + Toronto’s Absolutely Free + Toron... no... Brooklyn’s Baked play Rough Trade. That’s a 3-for-1 triple crown prime time trifecta right there. I would totally go to this show. But I’m not. Because I’m going to see…. (please wait until after the video)

….Bill Cosby at Carnegie Hall! Dr. Cos. Cliff Hux. The Pride of Hillman College himself. Yes, I am finally going to see Billy Cosby do standup. Boom goes the bucket list. Please enjoy the following classic film below. I laughed and laughed and laughed along to this when I was a little kid. I just watched it again. I'm pleased to report it 100% stills holds up.

Other notable shows = The Dismemberment Plan at Bowery Ballroom + Screaming Females at Asbury Lanes + FKA Twigs at Terminal 5 + Nick Offerman at Beacon Theatre + Fort Romeau at Glasslands + Joey Bada$$ at Irving Plaza + Dream Police at Saint Vitus + MillionYoung at Shea Stadium + Mark Lanegan at The Studio at Webster Hall


Sunday - November 9th, 2014 A.D.

Australia’s Tame Impala + New Jersey’s most famous guitar heroes Delicate Steve (it’s a “Butterfly” thing - you wouldn’t understand) play Beacon Theater. Should be some good psych shreds. Tune in, turn on, drop out.

Longtime post-something indie rock vets Versus (born circa 1990) play Rough Trade with a bunch of solid peeps. And making their triumphantly loud return after a long quiet is perfect punksters, The Rogers Sisters. In my mind, that band invented Brooklyn cool circa 2000 A.D. I was there. I lived it. I’m glad to see them back.

Or, you can get into the garage and cozy up in your fuzz mobile with Pujol and Shellshag + a Special Guest (please be Michael Jordan) at Death By Audio. As mentioned, not too many shows left there. So consider getting into this fast fading goodness while you can. No regrets. One world. One love. Imagine. Hope.

Other notable shows = Bob Odenkirk at Gramercy Theatre + I wonder if “Better Call Saul” is going to be good + I mean it will probably be good but will it be GREAT + Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best


Third posting of the same video. #punkrock #DIY #boredom #depression #death #PARTY


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