((Stepdad)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Stepdad is a grandiose synth band from Grand Rapids (via Chicago - huh - don't see that move every day) that makes oddball-8-bit-nerdo-party-pop. If any nerds were offended by my use of nerdo, I sincerely apologize and wish to buy you a mint vintage figurine of your choice at a later date.

While still slightly under the radar (though we're still not sure who's shooting this famous "radar," anyway) Stepdad's super accessible songs are definitely going to find a larger and dedicated audience. Those who get it are going to GET it.

Think of Stepdad as rocking something that could be compared to video game heroes Anamanaguchi meets upcoming Madison Square Garden headliners Passion Pit (sheeeet, I saw them at Pianos!). Hmm. Am I comparing Stepdad to Passion Pit because Stepdad's debut full-length is being produced by Chris Zane who did Double P's album (and Holy Ghost....and Les Savy Fav...and The Walkmen...and a bunch of other really good bands)? You'll never know, guys. You'll never know.

Oh yeah. Stepdad recently played with Rich Aucoin. That's a pretty perfect pairing (check Rich out - he's sorta under that guy/girl's famous radar too).

In closing, nerdos - when you find what you want on eBay let me know - it has to be under $2.75 though.

Published November 7, 2012



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