((Restorations)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia’s Restorations are a thundering band of five (Jon = guitars/vocals + Dave = guitars + Ben = keys/guitar + Dan = bass + Carlin = drums) that make gravelly, soaring punk songs for the downtrodden and hard scrabbled.

Think (stay with me here) Bruce Springsteen meets The Hold Steady meets the Pogues meets Pete Seeger meets all the working men and women in all the small towns that make up the great goddamn U.S. of A. (if you've left, i understand)

Restorations is exactly the kind of band you wanna listen to while throwing something liquid and burning and brown down the back of your throat. Because it makes you feel better about your life and this place. This band will make you wanna raise your fist in the air. Because sometimes there’s strength in despair. Blast these gritty anthems of admirable defiance and maybe a little bit of optimism will be thrown your way. Because who knows. You just may get out one day.

Listen to Restorations “LP2” below. Then go start a revolution in the great goddamn U.S.A.

Published May 13, 2014



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