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New York City's Hardest-Working Bands of 2023

December 6, 2023

Friends! It's that time again. What time is it again? It's hardest-working bands time again!

As you probably know if you've been following your friendly local hard-working music blob across the eras (19 years and counting if you can believe that), the two of us at OMR HQ hand-list a *lot* of shows each year (9,960 in NYC in A.D. 2023, to be exact... typed in by hand!) and we love giving a special shout to the local rising bands who kept gracing the pages of our fine showlist over and over again throughout 2023 A.D. Thus, this annual list.

We crunched the numbers and are happy to announce the following bands below had the most shows listed on Oh My Rockness NYC this year. Not the most shows played. We're sure we probably missed listing a few gigs here and there throughout the year. (We're only two people, remember.) Just the most shows listed.

Props to all these bands (and all bands who are out there working hard) and big thanks to all you for going to shows and also supporting independent artists, venues and music blobs.

See you out there.

#1. titsdickass - 37 shows listed in 2023

"And the award for hardest-working band in NYC goes to…." ***


These super solid punks with the legendary name were #5 on last year's list and totally shredded at our hardest-working bands live show. Did you come to it? Come again this year! (Details soon)

Good news. They are still out there working hard and staying sick. Hell, they're just getting started! Go see them take you to a higher place and leave feeling 1000% satisfied.

Congrats, titsdickass!

*** please note: this isn't a competition and there are no prizes, this is just for fun!

Read more about titsdickass here

Bands they played with: THICK, Tetchy, Shred Flintstone

Most played venues: Our Wicked Lady, The Broadway, TV Eye

#2. Pons - 35 shows listed in 2023

The mighty Pons were the #1 hardest working band on our list last year and since then, instead of resting on their laurels and eating grapes with their feet up or whatever, they managed to play dozens more hot and sweaty shows. That's what separates goodness from greatness.

If you haven't seen this noisy trio live yet, you must! you must!

Read more about Pons here

Bands they played with: 95 Bulls, My Son The Doctor, A Very Special Episode

Most played venues: Our Wicked Lady, Heaven Can Wait, Trans-Pecos

#3. Trophy Wife - 31 shows listed in 2023

We don't give out trophies for being on this list, but if we did, Brooklyn's Trophy Wife definitely deserves a big tall gold one for all the good shows they played in 2023 A.D.

These fuzzy DIY rockers come on strong with the pretty melodies and solid vocals courtesy of guitarist/singer McKenzie Iazzetta and it would be a very wise move to go see them play in 2024 A.D.

Read more about Trophy Wife here

Bands they played with: Razor Braids, Adult Mom, The Aquadolls

Most played venues: Berlin, Our Wicked Lady, Purgatory

#4. Skorts - 27 shows listed in 2023

Skorts is a heavy new band from NYC who bring the beautiful post ____ psych rock HEAT.

You should involve yourself with them ASAP so when they blow up big you can brag to someone you wish to impress that you got in on the ground floor of their goodness. And that's what's most important, right???

Come for the slow builds, stay for the exquisite melodic explosions and on-point vocals.

Read more about Skorts here

Bands they played with: Tea Eater, Mary Shelley, Local Weatherman

Most played venues: Rubulad, The Sultan Room, Alphaville

#5. Frida Kill - 21 shows listed in 2023

Frida Kill is an excellent four-piece feminist punk band based right here in good old NYC.

With an electric and joyful live show chock full of rippers, you WILL have a good time at their show. We sure did.

Go see them early and often, now and forever.

Read more about Frida Kill here

Bands they played with: A Very Special Episode, Big Joanie, Perennial

Most played venues: Main Drag Music, Purgatory, Our Wicked Lady

#6. Aux Blood - 21 shows listed in 2023

Aux Blood is a noisy post ____ punk band from (you guessed it) NYC.

You are now on notice to get into their heavy sludgy grungy goodness.

Start by blasting some of their v. strong feral jams and then go see them bring this sublime musical thunder to the stage of their choice.

Read more about Aux Blood here

Bands they played with: Mx Lonely, Fat Trout Trailer Park, Cronies

Most played venues: Footlight Underground at The Windjammer, Gold Sounds, Trans-Pecos

#7. Two-Man Giant Squid - 20 shows listed in 2023

We are big fans of Two-Man Giant Squid's new album and have it in regular rotation here at OMR HQ. We might even be listening to it right now depending on when you're reading this.

Please do yourself a big favor and go see this band play their danceable post punk as soon as possible.... because you deserve to let loose, goddamn it.

Read more about Two-Man Giant Squid here

Bands they played with: Teenage Halloween, HYPEMOM, Punchlove

Most played venues: Berlin, Arlene's Grocery, Hart Bar

#8. Starcleaner Reunion - 19 shows listed in 2023

Starcleaner Reunion is a new band from NYC who play sparkling indie pop that you can dance to.

They sound really good and you should absolutely start loving them.

Maybe your/our new favorite band, even?

RIYL: Stereolab * Broadcast * Blonde Redhead * Saint Etienne * Yo La Tengo * Electrelane *

Read more about Starcleaner Reunion here

Bands they played with: Lightheaded, Shallowhalo, Waterfall Strainer

Most played venues: Gold Sounds, Hart Bar, Trans-Pecos

#9. Nara's Room - 19 shows listed in 2023

Nara's Room is an experimental lo-fi/shoegaze three-piece led by prolific Brooklyn artist/guitarist/poet Nara Avakian.

You're gonna like these enchanting DIY jams or our name ain't Oh My Rockness!

There is a reason they keep getting invited back to play more shows (and that reason is they rule).

Read more about Nara's Room here

Bands they played with: Dreamcrusher, Birthday Girl, Buff Ginger

Most played venues: Trans-Pecos, Stone Circle Theatre, Purgatory

#10. Pop Music Fever Dream - 19 shows listed in 2023

Pop Music Fever Dream is an excellently angular post ____ punk band from Brooklyn led by songwriter Tim Seeberger.

Please get into their very nice no wave goodness if you like getting into good bands.

(and if you don't like getting into good bands, what are we even doing here, dear Rockness reader?).

Read more about Pop Music Fever Dream here

Bands they played with: Annie Blackman, Home Is Where, Joudy

Most played venues: Purgatory, Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls, Mercury Lounge

Rounding Out the Top 25

#11. Wince (18 shows)

#12. Nite Music (18 shows)

#13. June McDoom (17 shows)

#14. Mei Semones (17 shows)

#15. Bedridden (17 shows)

#16. Crush Fund (17 shows)

#17. Uncle Skunk (17 shows)

#18. Ace Bandage (16 shows)

#19. Eevie Echoes (16 shows)

#20. InCircles (16 shows)

#21. Percocet (16 shows)

#22. Joudy (15 shows)

#23. Wetsuit (15 shows)

#24. Deep Sea Peach Tree (15 shows)

#25. Pamphlets (15 shows)

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