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Delicate Steve is the work of New Jersey's Steve Marion (he's got a band for the stage stuff). Word on the street is that this guy plays over 40 instruments. I believe it. Listen to Delicate Steve and you will not be able to say this guy sounds even remotely like any other band that has ever lived EVER.

Sounds like hyperbole? If you think so, you didn't do what I just told you to do and listen to them. Instead, you stayed here reading this boring profile.

I could describe Delicate Steve's music for you... if I were a poet. But I'm not. Or perhaps I could describe them if I were more in tune with the unseen spiritual side of life. But mostly I'm just in tune with bacon. So I'll just leave it at "listen to Delicate Steve for yourself" and call it a day.

But I probably would be remiss and shirking my duties as "Band We Like" bro if I didn't say that Delicate Steve plays some of the most engaging music I've heard in a long time. Actually, screw a long time. I'm sticking with "ever." Delicate Steve plays some of the most engaging music I've heard, EVER.

Delicate Steve - Butterfly by monstermo
Published March 31, 2011



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