((Mac DeMarco)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Canada's own Mac DeMarco is a 21-year-old lo-fi country-surf troubadour (that's right - and I'm sticking to it) whose breezy, baritone heavy jams would fit right in with your Urge Overkill collection. What? What do you mean you don't have an Urge Overkill collection?! No, the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack doesn't count!

DeMarco's hazy songs are for drifting - whether that be on dirt roads or lazy waves. Hell, DeMarco doesn't care where you drift - he's just a cool cucumber debonair dude relaxing in his Levi's, after all. Mac DeMarco just signed to Captured Tracks - and you know what that means? Instant fame and fortune throughout the world forever! That's a great label and a great fit for this guy.

In closing, if you like Mac DeMarco's jams, you should seriously get into Urge Overkill. It's not too late. It's ok to go backwards every now and then with your musical interests, guys. Because taking one step back often leads to several steps forward. You heard that here FIRST, friends. Now play this song below and we'll leave you to your drifting in peace. Finally, right?

Published September 20, 2012



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