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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC’s Frankie Cosmos is the sweetly melodic indiepop project of Greta Kline and her current crew of collaborating pals (Aaron! David! Gabriel! For now!). Kline's songs are quick and witty and should appeal to twees and people who have tattoos of birds in trees (....and to people who appreciate strong songwriting and well-crafted melodies you really want to sing along to...but that didn't rhyme).

Think maybe K Records meets Kimya Dawson meets (more recently) Palehound meets pretty harmonies meets lo-fi guitar goodness.

Though Kline is coming in at just over 19 years of age, she’s already put out a bunch of songs on her own (go to her Bandcamp page and click “see more releases” if you want to test out your mad scroll down skillz). But the best years of Greta Kline’s life are yet to be. Because as of this writing (1:49pm on March 3rd in the Year of the Glad), her band’s “proper” debut (I do say, good chum, may I borrow your fine record label to put out my singalong songs? I do promise to make you proud, dear sport.) has been released on THIS VERY DAY by Double Double Whammy Records. It’s called “Zentropy” and it’s good.

“So Rockness? Tell me more about Frankie Cosmos’ spacey sound!”

Whoa. Take a step back there, partner. Haven’t you been paying attention? Didn’t you see me describe this as “indiepop” in the first line of this profile? And that lazy K Records call out? Just because Kline calls her band Frankie Cosmos doesn’t mean she’s swirling and droning her way towards outer space, my brother. Quite the contrary, my ma’am. Frankie Cosmos is completely rooted in the everyday pleasures and shittiness of life here on earth.

Take a listen to that Frankie Cosmos album that was released ON THIS VERY DAY (now 2:17pm on March 3rd in the Year of the Adult Depend Undergarment) that I've so selflessly sourced and posted for you below. I think you’ll like it. If you’re just like me. But you’re not just like me. You’re a snowflake. I’m a snowflake. We’re each different snowflakes. But when we drift together to become one we.... oh, nevermind.... things are getting way too twee up in this mug.

I like Frankie Cosmos. I love you. The end.

(ok fine Greta Kline’s parents are Kevin and Phoebe Cates and I wasn’t going to mention it but then I just mentioned it by mentioning that I wasn’t going to mention it and I don’t care because it’s interesting and if it’s not interesting to you that’s fine you probably don’t read all the way to the end of band profiles anyway so we’re all winners here.)

Published March 04, 2014



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