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Absolutely Free are another good band grown from the fertile soil of Toronto (see: Metz + Moon King + Doldrums + Diamond Rings + Austra + many, many, many more). Also, 4/5ths of these guys used to be in another Toronto band we really liked, DD/MM/YYYY. Note to self: buy stock in Toronto music scene.

Absolutely Free make weird, tribal sounding pop music full of tiny explosions. It's accessible and destructive and clean and muddled and meandering and concise. Basically, it's all over the place - in a good way - in an absolutely free way. Because of this, I can't tell you other bands Absolutely Free sounds like. They don't sound like anybody. And that's always nice, right? Because you have an adventurous musical spirit, right?

Check out the band's debut 12" on One Big Silence - the super solid up-and-coming label co-run by Fucked Up guitarist, Mike Haliechuk. Actually, here's a song from that 12" called "U.F.O." Listen to it. Get into it. Love it. Be sure to wait for the part where it sounds like your speakers are crapping out. That's when it gets free. NOBODY PUTS ABSOLUTELY FREE IN THE CORNER.

Published November 1, 2012



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