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Pujol is Daniel Pujol. This Nashville guy is creating some really great Southern-twinged garage rock that is definitely right up there with the best of the current crop. It's so easy to get down to this, you don't even have to try.

And if you find yourself having to try, you probably just don't like garage rock all that much. That's fine, of course. Just make sure you've given it a chance while boozed up. If you don't drink, that's cool too. Just get drunk in the mind, man. And THEN watch Pujol do his blasts and you just might get it.

This gritty lo-fi goodness with boatloads of catchiness will perhaps appeal to fans of Wavves + Jeff the Brotherhood + Ty Segall + Eddy Current Supression Ring. And hell, I forgot to tell you. Jack White is into Pujol too (he put out a release on JW's Third Man Records). By the grace of Jack White go many, so... maybe he's onto something.

PUJOL - Nasty, Brutish, And Short by SaddleCreek
Published October 27, 2011



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