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Left & Right is a band of four dudes from Charlottesville, VA. When they're not “rocking out" they are all city bus drivers. That's cool they can all talk about their day at band practice and everyone will understand each other perfectly. “And then the famous blue haired got on at 25th street!" “Noooooo! Not the blue haired with the bananas!" “Did she try to pay with a feather and four buttons again?!" “And then spread old copies of TV Guide across the entire seat before sitting down?!" These are things I imagine go down on the bus in Charlottesville, VA, apparently.

Anyway, I bet such synergy of work/home life positively affects the music these guys make together as Left & Right. Because this band seems pretty tight to me. Pretty, pretty, pretty, tight. A subtle eyebrow raise or ear wiggle or something is all these guys need from each other before going in for the climactic distortion kill with skill and precision.

Have I described this band's sound yet? Not really? Better get on that. Left & Right make good grunge-ish (or grunge-y - or grunge-oofian) guitar rock that takes it back to somewhere around '93. It's fuzzy and crunchy and raw and strong on the singable melodies. It's super solid stuff. And I tell you what, dear Rockness reader. This sound is all I've been wanting to listen to lately - as my recent profiles on Ovlov + Two Inch Astronaut + Milk Music + Speedy Ortiz + Fat History Month suggest. Pay no attention to the pattern though. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be wanting to only listen to, say, Peter Cetera era Chicago. It's happened before. It shall happen again. When you love somebody. Till the end of time. When you love somebody. Always on my mind.

Left & Right has recently played shows with good bands you've probably heard of, like The Men + Parquet Courts + Woods. And when they next play here - you should go see them. It would be awesome if they could just use the Charlottesville city bus to get up here. Maybe just rent it from the city for a week or two. No one in Charlottesville will miss one little city bus. Except maybe the blue haired. But then again, she apparently pays for things in feathers and buttons.


Published July 9, 2013



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