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Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia’s Radiator Hospital is the eccentric, delightful, emotive, and sometimes just downright goofy pop project of Sam Cook-Parrott and his assembled collection of pals. They go all over the place. But they’re good. So consider hopping aboard and cruising with this band - smooth sailing, snarling traffic, bumps, grooves, potholes and all.

In a sweet and warbled tenor (that sounds like Daniel Johnston sometimes), Sam Cook-Parrott croons out his wants and desires and burning yearnings loudly and for all to hear (mostly) in front of a lo-fi fuzzy riff-y jangly backdrop. Sometimes it can sound pretty and wistful and sparse with lyrics that can be straight tear-stained-diary dramatic. Summation. I have pain and you ruined me. You know, that kind of thing.

But other times, these songs sound just so appreciatively fun and affirming and peppy and it’s a big party and hey maybe we’re gonna make it after all! I’m telling you. Emotionally all over the map!!! Sad. Sorry. Happy. Elated. I don’t know what to feel when I listen to Radiator Hospital. I tell you what though. This go-around called life sure is a carousel, man. Those pink painted ponies just go up and down up and down. And we’re all held captive. On the carousel. Of time. So maybe Mr. Sam Cook-Parrott is onto something (and oh yeah joni mitchell too).

Radiator Hospital’s latest full-length, “Something Wild,” was recorded in Sam Cook-Parrott’s house. And you can tell. A few of the more simple songs sound like they’re being strummed from the bathroom - with one foot resting on the toilet - you know, for balance. It’s far from perfect sounding. And that’s what makes it special. Go visit the Island of Misfit Toys and ask them. They’ll tell you.

I’ll post the entire album below. As of the writing of this very sentence, I haven’t done that yet. But I will before this dynamic profile goes “live.” I know I will. Because I believe in myself. And don’t thank me for my sourcing and posting generosity. Thank Sam Cook-Parrott. He’s the one who made the entire thing streamable for free. Ahhhh. Giving away goodness certainly lifts my spirit. But if you don’t even stream it...even after all these dynamic words….I’ll be thrown into sadness once more. Oh well. Up. Down. Up. Down. It’s the carousel of time. On a ride that just circles and circles and circles ...and lasts forever......until we’re dead.

Thanks a lot! You guys have been great! Louis C.K. is up next!

Published November 19, 2013



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