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Written by Patrick McNamara

“Chumped is a female-fronted indie-punk band and comprised of four friends from Brooklyn, NY who like to drink and write songs about feelings.” So sayeth Chumped on their Bandcamp. And I always like to directly quote bands describing themselves because 1.) it means I don’t have to write as many dynamic words and 2.) who knoweth better than thine own self, dear Rockness reader?... so sayeth the muzik blob. Forever and ever. Amen.

Back to that quote for a second. “Chumped…(redacted)……(redacted)….like to drink and write songs about feelings.” Obviously, these four are happy drunks if they then write a song like “Someday” where the chorus goes, “And we’re singing! Whoa-oh-oh-oh!” (granted, this song is about feeling trapped, and having the weight of the world on your shoulders, and wanting to escape the madness, but….you know….whatevs, dudes, whatevs.)

But moving on, I’d perhaps call Chumped “pop-punk” rather than “indie-punk,” but now we’re just getting into semantics here (and i shouldn’t lift a quote and then quibble with it - there are no half measures to these things). What you really need to know is that Chumped are really, REALLY catchy and their music will make you happy (again, as long as you don’t really listen to the words).

Some might even call this band “infectious.” But the only disease you’ll catch by blasting Chumped is perhaps an attack of the good vibes invading your soul - a mostly innocuous virus, all things considered (the only possible side-effects are a bright-eyed smile, the urge to bounce, and maybe a mild case of the giggles).

If you like aggressive punk bands that make you angry - we should totally hang out, because I do too! But I also like a little joy in my life every now and then. It’s probably my greatest flaw. And sometimes I find the path to joy goes through fun punk bands - the kind that rock the catchy distorted “ditties” like these. The great news is that we are both free to like both kinds of punk bands. This isn’t an either/or (or Elliott Smith) situation. I’m OK. You’re OK. Everything is chill. Forever and Ever. Amen.

Go ahead and stream Chumped’s new-ish EP that was released (as of this writing) yesterday…..man, I’m always a day behind and a buck short with these up-and-coming bands. It’s good. You’ll feel better after blasting it. And please pay no attention to the songs of longing and heartache. Those are just “words,” man.

Published October 8, 2013



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