The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Alvvays + Perfect P*ssy + Porches + Diarrhea Planet + Swervedriver + Bjork + Lower Dens + Twin Shadow + HINDS + Old Wounds + Digitalism + Xiu Xiu + Single Mothers + The Dirty Nil + Dark Blue + more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Alvvays + Perfect P*ssy + Porches + Diarrhea Planet + Swervedriver + Bjork + Lower Dens + Twin Shadow + HINDS + Old Wounds + Digitalism + Xiu Xiu + Single Mothers + The Dirty Nil + Dark Blue + more goodness

March 30, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara R U READY


Well come on, girrrl! Let's do it then, guyyy!

These are the best shows this week.


Monday - March 30th, 2015 A.D.

Have you ever heard of the bands Sunny Day Real Estate or Foo Fighters? Me neither. Lieutenant (click that for smooth words/sounds) play Saint Vitus tonight and that's Nate Mendel's new sunshine pop band. He's affiliated with the two bands I just mentioned and have never heard of.

Swervedriver play Mercury Lounge. The last time I saw them was in 1993 so I'm definitely overdue to see this sick (indie-psych-grunge-gaze-haze) band and it's a good thing I'm going to this tonight to erase twenty-two years of missed opportunities and mistakes.

Mourn play Mercury Lounge. They are from Spain, they are teenagers, they recently signed to Captured Tracks, and they're good. What else do you need to know in order to go? Nothing.

And Alt-J play Madison Square Garden. An open message to Alt-J and all Alt-J's fans: U R NOT ALT.

Other notable shows = The Lone Bellow at The Greene Space (day)(free)


Tuesday - March 31st, 2015 A.D.

Baltimore's Lower Dens (click if you like reading five year old band profiles) play new songs from their excellent new album at Baby's All Right tonight. Go see Jana Hunter and crew tear it up with their dreamy swirly pop gaze.

HINDS (formerly known as deers) play Mercury Lounge (and tomorrow at Baby's All Right). Remember what I said about Mourn a few dynamic lines of copy ago? Here. I'll just copy and paste it again. “Mourn play Mercury Lounge. They are from Spain, they are teenagers, they recently signed to Captured Tracks, and they're good. What else do you need to know in order to go? Nothing." So everything I just said about Mourn also applies to HINDS except the Captured Tracks bit.

It's a good thing I'm really on my game today otherwise this confusing shit would cripple a lesser music blobber.

George Lewis Jr. aka T win Shadow plays Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (and tomorrow too). It's time to get sexy. Sexy time at the rock show. 2 2 2 #SEXY*

(*really hoping the use of hashtag SEXY improves our SEO)

Other notable shows = Swervedriver at Saint Vitus Bar + Houndmouth at Rough Trade


Wednesday - April 1st, 2015 A.D.

Sometimes I get tired of writing these things every week. April Fool's.

Bjork plays City Center tonight and I certainly never, ever, ever get tired of talking about new Bjork shows even though she's played here a hundred times in the last few weeks and OK maybe not hundred (but a lot) and this is why my dad is always telling me a million times not to exaggerate and also recycle his terrible jokes. Might as well post the same old song again too.

Old Wounds play Asbury Lanes. If you like hardcore it is this music blob's opinion that there is not another new-ish band doing it better in New Jersey than this crew. They SHRED. (Somebody on Twitter recently told me that I don't know what the word “shred" means. That comment shreds.)

Dance duo Digitalism (who, for a time, I often confused with Justice - but I no longer have that problem because I don't really think of dance music that much anymore) spins the hits at Verboten. Please note: this is a DJ set. If your favorite thing to do is watch people play real live instruments this one isn't the game of your flavor.

Other notable shows = Kind of Like Spitting at The Studio at Webster Hall + Jessie Ware at Terminal 5 + Houndmouth at Bowery Ballroom


Thursday - April 2nd, 2015 A.D.

Toronto's Alvvays has been blovving up in the last year and I'm pretty sure it's all due to the vvonderfully positive press I have dished out in generous doses right here on this very music blob. The band's popularity might also be because they vvrite really good songs and goodness alvvays vvins in the end. Not sure. Anyvvay, Alvvays play Bowery Ballroom and once again I made all the Ws look like Vs because my copy goes the extra blob.

Porches play Baby's All Right and perhaps I've already said too many kind things about this band. NO NO NEVER. My compliments don't die - they just _________. File Under: a really good band. RIYL: finding free money on the street. In summation, smooth.

Eccentro-pop* legends Xiu Xiu came all the way from their hood on the West Coast to headline the Ecstatic Music Fest at Merkin Concert Hall tonight. Don't you think the least you could do would be to show up for this goodness?

(*they were one of the first bands I described as eccentro-pop way back in 2005 or something and I thought that genre name I made up was going to make us both famous.)

Crazy ass London (but they live here now) band Fat White Family play Mercury Lounge. I wonder if they'll get naked. Here's crossing everything that they do not. I tolerate a lot of things but not #SMUT.

(*really hoping the use of hashtag SMUT improves our SEO)

Other notable shows = Peaking Lights at Output (free) + Rocky Votolato at Suburbia


Friday - April 3rd, 2015 A.D.

Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy started a new record label. It's called Honor Press and their kick-off showcase is happening tonight and tomorrow at Baby's All Right. Perfect Pussy will play both nights. Other good bands playing include, So Stressed (click that because I wrote the SHIT outta that band profile) + Sick Feeling (same) + Meat Wave (yes) + Mannequin Pussy (exactly). A very strong lineup all around. Consider going to this. Because your life is dope. And you do dope shit.

Marching Church is the other band of Iceage singer Elias Bender Ronnefelt. The Danish dudes play a " Secret Location" tonight (a show so intimate it will feel like nobody's there!) and again tomorrow at The Acheron. This Is. Punk. Rock.

Mirah + Worriers + Slothrust lead a real good one at Knitting Factory. Come for the (mostly) punk hits, stay for the spins by DJ Sadie of Speedy Ortiz.

Speaking of (mostly) punk, Vulture Shit (click that) and Flagland (click that) get noisy with some other loud ass bands at Aviv. You're not going to like the way this one permanently damages your ears in a few years without proper safety equipment. I guarantee it.

Other notable shows = Reptar at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (free) + Avan Lava at Bowery Ballroom + Connections at Cake Shop + Teengirl Fantasy at Lot 45 + Nude Beach + White Hills at The Bell House


Saturday - April 4th, 2015 A.D.

Diarrhea Planet play Bowery Ballroom with Left & Right. This is Diarrhea Planet's world - we're all just pooping uncontrollably in it.

Philadelphia's Dark Blue play The Acheron (with Marching Church who I already totally just mentioned previously). I recently wrote some nice words about these chilly punks because I like them. That's the way this blob works. No press releases required.

Antonio Sanchez performs his own score of the film “Birdman" at New York Society of Ethical Culture. “Boyhood" was better. “Whiplash" was best. Aww, I'm just trying to rile you guys up. I don't even watch movies. I'm not even real.

Other notable shows = Screaming Females + Mitski at Asbury Lanes + Perfect Pussy at Baby's All Right + Chet Faker at Terminal 5


Sunday - April 5th, 2015 A.D.

SO MUCH PUNK ROCK THIS WEEK. London's Single Mothers (the one in Ontario, beeyotch) and Toronto's The Dirty Nil (the one in Canada, beeyotch) continue the pattern by blasting their respective punk goodness at Saint Vitus. Come out and say “eh" why don't you or you'll be sooorrrry.

PC Worship play Palisades. That's a good band but I certainly don't go around praising my computer. It's an off-brand (ACER!) and often causes me trouble and/or grief - especially when it won't make my words come out right. Thankfully I didn't have that problem this week. This feature SHREDS.

Other notable shows = Netflix + Hulu Plus + Amazon Fire + Sling


And now it's over. Whew.

So what else is going on?


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