((Meat Wave)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Chicago's Meat Wave are a “post-something" punk band comprised of three shrieker/slammer/shredders (Chris + Joe + Ryan) that creates flammable chaotic fun. These guys bring the meat HEAT. If you like heavy sludge crunch that also happens to have strong discernible melodies (WOW! MINT! RARE!) might I be so bold as to suggest you give this band a chance? They come with a blues riff and beat so watch me for the changes and try and keep up, alright?

Meat Wave released a nine song ripper of an album back in 2012 (couldn't tell you one thing that happened that year) and you can play the entire thing right this very instant just by clicking this. By why only go back to the past when we're already living in the future? The band is set to release their follow-up to that in a matter of days (and by being so specific about things I just made this profile outdated circa next week - oh well). It's called “Brother" and it shreds/soars/rocks/pops something solid (I've already heard it courtesy of this up-and-coming DIY punk zine called Entertainment Weekly).

Speaking of that, here's a new Meat Wave song for you to gnaw on. I highly recommend (demand, even) that you turn your speakers way up and rip your headphones from their confining jack before you press play. I don't care if you're at school, work, or in a shared public space. This one needs some blasting room in order to work its magic. So blast you must.

Published January 13, 2015



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