((Sick Feeling)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC’s Sick Feeling straight explodes. These four dudes (Jesse Miller-Gordon + Don Devore + Danny Wood + Alan Yuch) make breakneck hardcore punk chaos that will spiral you down towards a sweaty state of triumphant catharsis. They will hurt your ears and you will love them for it. You want SCREAMS. You want SHREDS. You want DESTRUCTION. And you wanted them 5 minutes ago YESTERDAY. Consider getting into these guys, then. Please also consider laying off the all caps button, would you?

The band formed in 2013 and have played NYC shows with these other good bands: Big Ups + Kirin J Callinan + Ceremony + White Lung to name a few of probably many. But now things are getting really interesting because Collect Records (formed by Geoff Rickly of Thursday/United Nations/No Devotion) and Terrible Records (co-run by Ethan Silverman + Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor) will be co-releasing Sick Feeling’s debut album “Suburban Myth” on January 20th in the Year of Now.

Below is a good song from that album. Turn it up before you play. Works best if you blast it. If you’re going to play it soft you might as well not bother. Go big or go home. With Sick Feeling there are no half measures.

Published January 13, 2015



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