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Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s Worriers are a very likeable band with bouncy punk songs you can sing along to. Believe me. I’ve done it. They’re led by primary/pop/punker/rocker Lauren Denitzio and a revolving group of her peeps. I don’t know the names of the current members of Worriers other than Lauren. Because I try to do as little #research as possible for these things. Instead I rely on the #heart that got me here.

If you like your songs with good riffs and twinkle-y guitar jingle jangle, we should hang out, because I do too. And since I like Worriers, this pretty much guarantees YOU will also like Warriors. That’s the way it works. It’s called #logic. My #argument is #circular and #sound and we’re all just living on a giant rock #spinning in the #sky.

Worriers recently put out a 12” (I’m not going to tell you when because #research #stinks) for the exceptionally fine Don Giovanni record label (Screaming Females + Upset + Tenement + California X + Nude Beach + Waxahatchee + well, just a lot more fine folks). There are 8 songs of goodness on that spinning thing that’s part of the spinning sky. And they all have #heart.

But I’m going to post only one. The song is called “Best Case Scenario” and it’s my favorite. I do indeed sing along to it. Although, I’m not sure if the lyrics are “fuck the world!” or “fuck the words!” So I just switch it up. Depending on my mood. As I kill time waiting for the conditioner to do its magical thing.

(with great hair comes great responsibility.)

Published April 22, 2014



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