((Diarrhea Planet)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Do you really think this is a diarrhea planet, Diarrhea Planet? Sure. Sometimes it feels as if the world is that way, Diarrhea Planet. Sometimes it feels that way. But there is still some goodness on this earth too. Like you, Diarrhea Planet. Like you. Because you have good songs, Diarrhea Planet. And you have fun up there when you play them. And when you have fun, Diarrhea Planet, we have fun. And the fun just explodes out from there - like diarrhea goodness - and we are both on our way towards happier times. So keep your head up when thinking about our planet, Diarrhea Planet. You’re not part of the problem. You’re part of the solution. Good talk, Diarrhea Planet. Good talk.

Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet is a band of six dudes. Four guitarists. One bass player. One drummer. One Diarrhea Planet band name. But they don’t care. Because this is supposed to be fun. And if they want to name their band Diarrhea Planet they can name their band Diarrhea Planet. Let the children name their band Diarrhea Planet and let the children dance!

Diarrhea Planet play happy guitar rock anthems that sound like Fang Island meets The Ramones meets early Superchunk. It’s really fun. Much more fun than diarrhea (though I don’t mind it sometimes - it can be cleansing). Their shows are really fun too. They’re more like parties, really. And if you can’t have a good time at one of Diarrhea Planet’s parties, you’re probably not into having a good time at parties and prefer the solitude of your host’s broom closet.

So give Diarrhea Planet a chance. And Diarrhea Planet? Give this diarrhea planet a chance too. It’s not so bad. Sometimes this planet even smells a little sweet. Like when the music being made sounds like your music, Diarrhea Planet. Awww. In closing, Diarrhea Planet.

(new world record: that’s 18 opportunities we seized to type Diarrhea Planet....wait, that’s 19....19 times typing Diarrhea Planet. That’s 20 and........SCENE).

Published May 28, 2013



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