((So Stressed)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

So Stressed are an explosive punk trio from Sacramento made by three dudes who rock the fuck out. This is loud. It’s spazzy. And it’s surprisingly melodic. I’m not saying you’re going to sing along to this band in the shower (unless you’re a pro like me - I work from home and sometimes take three showers a day and have developed mad sing-a-long skills almost without even really trying), but you might have a big sloppy smile on your face as you let this band pummel you to the ground. And you’ll grin from the floor as the world burns.

The band released the solid album “Attracted to Open Mouths” (lots of goodness going on there) back in 2012 and you can listen to the entire thing here. And recently, So Stressed signed to Meredith Graves' (of Perfect Pussy) new label “Honor Press” which will release the band’s upcoming full-length “The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art.” I have conveniently posted a good song from that album right below these dynamic words (it will make your heart burst) because I’m always doing sweet things like that.

But before you turn your speakers WAYYYYYY up and press play and blast your nearby friends and enemies, I wanted to also mention that So Stressed will play with Perfect Pussy in NYC in April for a two-night Honor Press showcase, along with Sick Feeling + Meat Wave + Mannequin Pussy. I like to end these things with highly specific information like this that will mostly serve to help make this band profile outdated in a matter of days. The digital life is so transitory. Oh well. Mono No Aware. Maybe I should get out of the music blob game and consider a career singing in the shower. Showers last forever.

OK. You may blast now.

Published March 10, 2015



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