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Lower Dens is a new band out of Baltimore, but you may already be in love with their smoky, folk-y and psych-y singer. Her name is Jana Hunter. I thought you would know that name.

She has been playing stripped-down, eccentro-folk to enchanted fans for a while now, and has released some critically acclaimed albums for friend Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong record label. She's not huge, but the people that like her REALLY like her.

With her band, Lower Dens, Hunter still has that same slow, hazy swirl thing going on, but add a little more drone-punk-lo-fi jam-outs to the mix and you get something much more rocking than her solo stuff.

If you like Beach House, I bet you like Lower Dens. And I bet I'm not the first nor the last to say such a risk-free statement. Both bands have the same haunting-yet-rocking type of vibe.

To start, might I suggest you check out Lower Den's song "A Dog's Dick." Or, perhaps "Two Cocks" is more up your alley. Sheesh, when did Jana Hunter turn into Luther Campbell?

Published August 19, 2010



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