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Written by Patrick McNamara

These guitars!

The Dirty Nil play noisy sludgy crunchy punker rock. And it's too good too fast too loud 2 legit 2 quit. “Hey, Rockness?" Yes, dear Rockness reader? “You mentioned this band is noisy and play the punker rock and you like them. I'm wondering if maybe The Dirty Nil are they from Canada, perchance?" Whoa! They ARE from Canada! How did you know and what even made you think to ask that?! It's almost as if you and I are the same person! Quick. What am I wearing right now? “Ummm, an 'I Heart Loud Punker Rocker Bands From Canada' shirt?" BING!!!!!!!

But moving on, I could listen to The Dirty Nil all day. Because I'm in a feisty but playful mood today. The noise made by this trio (Luke! Kyle! Dave!) ain't mad at ya. The Dirty Nil's loudness wishes you no ill. Their crushing guitars ain't gonna hurt ya. Believe me when I say that these guys want to destroy you in the most congenial way possible. And even though their shreds will leave you shattered into a million tiny pieces - you'll happily reflect that everything had been worth it - as you attempt to pick the specks of yourself from off the cold hard floor. But hey, that's the price to pay for “rocking out“ so hard. Them's the rules. Them's the breaks. That's the rub.

If you like this band - and it's fine if you don't - it's fine if you prefer to remain “whole" - but if you do, you should also get into Greys. And I'm not just saying that because either Luke! or Kyle! or Dave! (I don't “research" these things, dear Rockness reader!) is wearing a Greys shirt in the picture up above. I SWEAR. I'm saying it because Greys played our CMJ show in October and I JUST put back all the pieces of me last week. SO I'M NOT SWEATING IT EITHER.

Ohhhhhhh, these guitars!

Published December 10, 2013



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