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Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia’s Dark Blue are a chilly, laid-back popster rockster punkster band that features once, former and perhaps even future members (you never know) of Ceremony, Paint in Black, Purling Hiss and Clockcleaner TO NAME BUT A FEW. If you like easy-going croons over mostly lonely sounding tunes, you have very specific musical tastes and this could be your new favorite band.

The band is led by singer/shredder John Sharkey III. His smooth baritone recalls something between The National dude and the Merchandise dude and the other dudes in the world with baritone voices. There’s probably only a few more out there. Andrew Mackie Nelson and Mike Sneeringer triangulate out this trio. They play... wait for it... bass guitar and drums.

If you missed the first two 7”s Dark Blue put out, hey, don’t beat yourself up about it too much. These things happen. You snoozed. You lost. Thankfully, there is still time to make it right. The band JUST released “Pure Reality” - their debut full-length for the forever respectable Jade Tree. So it’s not too late to someday brag to your future friends that you totally got the Dark Blue debut when it first came out. Or, I guess you could just lie. But who would lie about something like that? What kind of monster are you? How do you expect to ever get friends if they can’t trust you?

If it will make everybody feel better I can post the full album stream of “Pure Reality” if you want. Just email me and let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and post it anyway. Have fun listening. You might wanna grab a sweater. And some friends.

Published October 21, 2014



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