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Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s Flagland are a weird band. And I’m not getting all pejorative with that word “weird” either. No, Sir. No, Ma'am. I don’t roll with using weird disparagingly, my peaceful brothers of the land and sisters of the soil. Weird rules. You want to not be weird? Go right ahead. The next town over is Boring Country, population just about everyone. Perhaps you'd be more comfortable there.

“Boring Country: an old-fashioned all-American place where no one is lonely or interesting.”

As I was saying, Flagland are a weird band. Because their sound sorta goes all over the place. And one's creative output failing to be put into a neat, made-up genre box by sad and frustrated music writers is SO BIZARRE. But I’ll try to do it anyway. I don’t want to disappoint any categoricalists (also a made-up word) reading out there.

Flagland are mostly garage-punk. By this made-up music genre I mean you’ll hear distorted noise played fast and shouted loud and practiced/performed/recorded in a dark annexed room primarily used for forlorn used cars, rusty paint cans, and half deflated/fully forgotten sporting balls (btw, if you have an actual garage in NYC then you and your band is a MONSTER - see: song title - see: posted below).

But hold up, now. That doesn't tell the whole story. Because sometimes Flagland sound all soft and slow and twinkle-y and, dare I say, even pretty (that wasn’t much of a dare, now was it - next time i'll do something more courageous - like say some really popular band sucks or something).

And at other times, Flagland go completely guitar pop and I feel like I’m listening to the Lemonheads. And hey man, the Lemonheads were a good band. (“Rudderless?” Get into that song.) Yet, I stray once again.

OK. Now it's time for YOU to make the call. I’m going to take the unprecedented step of posting MULTIPLE songs by the SAME band on ONE profile because it SUPPORTS my ARGUMENT that this BAND goes ALL OVER the PLACE. Wow! Three stream-able songs and the inappropriate use of ALL CAPS? Things are certainly getting exciting now!

Ain’t nobody ever gonna convince you and me to go live in Boring Country. Right, dear Rockness reader?




(as tumbleweed blows)

Published February 4, 2014



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