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Written by Patrick McNamara

Lieutenant is Nate Mendel’s baby. You might know him as the bassist in Foo Fighters but I hope you mostly know this guy from his time in Sunny Day Real Estate. Not that there’s anything wrong with Foo Fighters. They put out a really good album………………….. eighteen years ago. It’s strange to think “The Colour and The Shape” was released only three years after “Diary.” Time is strange. But I’m perhaps getting off track.

This band sounds nothing like Foo Fighters or Sunny Day Real Estate. Lieutenant is basically sun-drenched pop. It’s pretty polished and very pleasant and will cause harm to absolutely no one so you might want to consider playing it today. Whether or not you remember this band tomorrow is something too heady for this music blob to have a firm opinion on. But I can tell you this much, Lieutenant certainly makes for some nice background music. And this bold claim I don’t back down from.

The band’s debut album “If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For a Week” (now that’s a title I’d pay two bits to steal) is out March 10th, 2015 which, as of this writing, just so happens to be today. This very day, man. What are even the chances of that??? It comes courtesy of Dine Alone Records (home to: Brendan Benson + Jimmy Eat World + Quicksand + We Are Scientists many other bands you have mostly probably heard of). I’ve listened to the whole thing and pretty sure I remember liking it, but unfortunately I’m afraid I just don’t have the technological resources to post the album in its entirety for you like I usually do. I can throw you one song from it, though. Does that work? I hope so because it’s the only option we’ve got.

I'm sorry to any of the Foo Fighters fans I may have offended in the making of this band profile. But you have bigger problems to worry about - like why your favorite band hasn't released a good album in eighteen years.

Published March 10, 2015



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