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New York City's Hardest-Working Bands of 2019

December 11, 2019

Here at Oh My Rockness (Local Indie Concert Music Blob to our friends) we hand-list lots of good shows for lots of good bands every delightful day of the week.

In 2019 A.D., we hand-listed 9,995* shows for the NYC area alone... just the two of us! Now That's What I Call Data Entry™

*most blobs would've just rounded up to 10K but not this blob

As per our annual tradition (est. 2014 A.D.), we crunched our year-end show stats and came up with the *25 bands* that had the most shows listed on Oh My Rockness (NYC) from January 1 through the end of 2019 A.D. These bands kept popping up in our listings all year long and their tenacity is worth celebrating for sure.

We're pleased to bring you the *results* below!

- there are probably bands who have played more shows in NYC this year than those mentioned here but we didn't list them
- pretty possible the bands mentioned here played even more shows in NYC than what's indicated below but we didn't list them
- come now, two peeps can't list every show in NYC (we only listed 9,995 this year) but like these bands, we work hard and try to do a good blob, so please keep it easy

Cindy Cane

#1. Cindy Cane - 37 shows listed in 2019

"And the award for hardest-working band in NYC goes to…." ***


Oh My Rockness calls this band's pleasantly sinister spaghetti western-esque music "sad songs for vampires and those who love them."

Let's hear it for Cindy Cane out there hustling and working hard this year!

You can't stop lo-fi country goth.

Read more about Cindy Cane here.

*** please note: this isn't a competition and there are no prizes, this is just for fun

Bands they played with: Cullen Omori, SWIMM, Gnarcissists, Honduras

Most-played venues: Our Wicked Lady, Baby's All Right, Rose Gold


#2. Gustaf - 34 shows listed in 2019

Gustaf was #1 on last year's list and hell yes here they are right near the top yet again in 2019 A.D.

The work ethic of strong art punk bands knows no bounds!

If you haven't seen this band live yet….go see them live yet.

You will regret absolutely nothing.

Read more about Gustaf here.

Bands they played with: Patio, Habibi, N0V3L, Tropical Fuck Storm

Most-played venues: Alphaville, Baby's All Right, Union Pool


#3. Dreamcrusher - 33 shows listed in 2019

One of the loudest noisiest nihilist-y outfits in the city.



Read more about Dreamcrusher here.

Bands they played with: The Body, Uniform, Deli Girls, This Is Not This Heat

Most-played venues: Brooklyn Bazaar, H0L0, Trans-Pecos


#4. Darkwing - 31 shows listed in 2019

Darkwing was #2 on last year's list...and #3 in 2017.

Now That's What I Call Hustle, Volume III.

Solid punk grunge like this wasn't built in a day, dog.

Don't duck out on this real good band.

Read more about Darkwing here.

Bands they played with: Thin Lips, Surf Rock is Dead, Daddies, Lost Boy?

Most-played venues: Our Wicked Lady, The Gutter, The Glove


#5. Gesserit - 30 shows listed in 2019

The show-goers of NYC demanded sweet electric psych pop this year and this band delivered.

Think lo-fi moodiness meets mercurial electronics meets mellow on-point vocals.

Feel like getting into something good? Guess you better get into Gesserit.

Read more about Gesserit here.

Bands they played with: Poppies, Stuyedeyed, New Myths, Cindy Cane

Most-played venues: Our Wicked Lady, The Sultan Room, Alphaville


#6. Irrevery - 27 shows listed in 2019

Irreverent punk-country band Irrevery coming in strong at number six.

You ain't heard nothin' like this before, hoss.

Note: if you climb in this crusty saddle you best be ready for the ride.

Read more about Irrevery here.

Bands they played with: Sic Tic, Nice Knife, A Deer A Horse, No Ice

Most-played venues: Alphaville, Rubulad, Muchmore's

Top Nachos

#7. Top Nachos - 25 shows listed in 2019

Furiously likable punk duo Top Nachos is a dank band to go see when you're feeling goofy and need to get it out.

Go see them play. A sloppy sweaty enjoyable time will be had by all.

Warning: once you pop you can't stop.*

*technically this slogan is for Pringles, not nachos, but Oh My Rocky don't care

Read more about Top Nachos here.

Bands they played with: Radkey, Dolly Spartans, Valley Lodge, Ramona

Most-played venues: Rubulad, Bushwick Public House, The Gutter


#8. Godcaster - 25 shows listed in 2019

Godcaster's weirdo wild jams and strange musical swerves is a goddamn delight.

Try and keep up.

Glamy post-punk-no-wave from Phila foreva.

Read more about Godcaster here.

Bands they played with: Of Montreal, Water From Your Eyes, Sloppy Jane, Future Punx

Most-played venues: Elsewhere, Rubulad, The Broadway


#9. Whiner - 23 shows listed in 2019

Glam-soul. Death rock. Yacht goth.

Whiner has the best bandcamp tags.

See this moody muscular melodic New Jersey crew in a small space while you still can or cry-complain about it later.

Read more about Whiner here.

Bands they played with: Martin Rev, The Wants, Parlor Walls, Dead Leaf Echo

Most-played venues: Sunnyvale, Our Wicked Lady, Trans-Pecos

Joanna Sternberg

#10. Joanna Sternberg - 23 shows listed in 2019

Joanna Sternberg is a talented artist and multi-instrumentalist from New York City.

Listen to this splendid song "This Is Not Who I Want To Be" and go see them play often please.

On repeat. On repeat. On repeat.

Read more about Joanna Sternberg here.

Bands they played with: Ben Lee, Palberta, Hamish Kilgour, Conor Oberst

Most-played venues: The Glove, Flowers For All Occasions, The Bell House

Rounding Out The Top 25

#11. Coco Verde (22 shows)

#12. eCOCOBOYS (22 shows)

#13. New Myths (21 shows)

#14. Native Sun (20 shows)

#15. Desert Sharks (20 shows)

#16. Long Neck (20 shows)

#17. Ryley Walker (19 shows)

#18. Daddies (19 shows)

#19. Shadow Monster (18 shows)

#20. Bad Kiss (18 shows)

#21. Water From Your Eyes (17 shows)

#22. Miranda and the Beat (17 shows)

#24. The Advertisers (17 shows)

#25. Lola Pistola (17 shows)

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