((Future Punx)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn's Future Punx are a merry band of four (Chris! Jake! Brit! Jason!) who make synth happy post-something fun. You should go see them. Have a good time. And then say thank you very much to the bartender Mr. Roboto as you saunter on out.

As for comparisons, think that movie Electric Dreams (whose soundtrack featured this standout '80s synth pop jam - god I love that song - please note - Future Punx don't really sound like Human League - at all) meets Max Headroom meets a sound bath at the Integratron meets the beeping of a calculator watch meets a time machine that YOU invented meets deja vu presently having a daydream about the future life of past memories.

Fun fact. Swaggy singer Chris Pickering runs the label Dull Tools (home to Yuppies + other bands I will probably someday write about) with Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts (think of that 2+ year old band profile as a time capsule). And if that little bit of trivia doesn't get you in a tizzy, nothing will.

The following two songs are from a 7" that was released by, you guessed it, Dull Tools. Stream the songs now. Of course. Obviously. They're good and were just embedded by me for your own entertainment. But then consider going to get the Real McCoy. The 7" is only 5 bones. It's authentic. And streaming sounds are fake. It aint' nothin' but vibrations, man.

Published July 29, 2014



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