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New York City's Hardest-Working Bands of 2017

December 8, 2017

Here at Oh My Rockness ("Your Indie Concert Calendar" ™), we list (by hand) lots of shows for lots of bands every year. In 2017 A.D., we listed 9,514 shows for the NYC area alone!

(Music is cool but our real passion is data entry.)

As is our annual tradition, we borrowed a free online calculator and crunched some OMR stats to figure out which local bands worked particularly hard this year and after carrying all our ones and making sure x = y when the sum was > or < than abc, we're pleased to report that THE RESULTS ARE IN.

What does "hard work" even mean? We realize there are many different kinds of hard work for a band to work hard at. But in this case, since we're a show listings site, we're recognizing bands that appeared the most frequently in our listings.

The following 10 bands had the most local shows listed on Oh My Rockness: New York City in 2017 A.D.

A few important notes:
Please note #1: There are surely bands who have played more shows in NYC this year than those mentioned here -- we just didn't list them.
Please note #2: It's possible that the bands mentioned here played even more shows in NYC than what's indicated below -- we just didn't list them.
Please note #3: We're only two people and we can't list every show (again, we only listed 9,514 this year); we make choices.
Please note #4: If you're in a band and you've read the first three notes and you still complain about this list please don't forget to breathe and remember we're all living on a round rock that's spinning in space.

#1. Big Bliss - 48 Shows Listed in 2017

Super melodic post punk wins the top spot!*

Good jingle jangle over jagged lines gets the grand prize!*

Listen to Big Bliss's latest jam below and you'll hear why this solid band keeps getting invited back places.

*please note: this isn't a competition and we have no trophies and zero ribbons for each and every participant

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Dead Stars, Thick, Grooms, Wildhoney

Most-played venues: Sunnyvale, The Footlight, Cape House

#2. Fruit & Flowers - 33 Shows Listed in 2017

The second year in a row Fruit & Flowers holds down the #2 slot!

Working hard isn't a one-off…... it's a lifestyle, yo.

When they weren't out playing a bunch (in NYC and on tour), this band also found time this year to release a swirly goth pop EP that's very good and you should blast it at your earliest convenience.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: We Are Scientists, Sharkmuffin, Honduras, Yucky Duster

Most-played venues: Baby's All Right, Alphaville, Silent Barn

#3. Darkwing - 32 Shows Listed in 2017

Fuzzy weed punk!

RIYL: skateboading / chilling / the name of our first bong which was "Water Payton" a.k.a. “Sweetness"

If only we listed like 388 more Darkwing shows this year....that number would've just been perfect, dog.

(Behind The Blob: just used an online calculator to figure out what 420 minus 32 was)

Bands they played with: A Deer A Horse, Twiga, Thick, Ex-Girlfriends

Most-played venues: Saint Vitus, Goldsounds, The Gateway

#4. Sic Tic - 32 Shows Listed in 2017

Sic Tic was our #9 hardest-working band last year. It takes hustle / heart!

In 2017 A.D., this sic (sic) band moved up five full places on this thing (which again isn't a competition -- it doesn't even matter -- everything fades -- hooray!).

Good heavy psych grunge like the kind Sic Tic consistently slings will always be dope and will always find an appreciative audience ready with faces to melt.

Bands they played with: Terry Malts, Business of Dreams, Monograms, Stuyedeyed

Most-played venues: Alphaville, Cape House, The Gateway

#5. gobbinjr - 30 Shows Listed in 2017

Solid lo-fi / bedroom pop made by Emma Jerk Witmer!

If you like completely catchy laid-back jams & jingles, you have excellent taste and you should've been in the crowd for one of the 30 shows we listed for gobbinjr this year.

Maybe you were! If so, you know what's up and bet you had a perfectly pleasant time.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Oberhofer, LVL UP, Jeff Rosenstock, Big Ups

Most-played venues: Silent Barn, Sunnyvale, Babycastles

#6. Grim Streaker - 30 Shows Listed in 2017

Grim Streaker: more than just an entirely excellent band name.

This crew hits it heavy. Come for the riffage. Stay for the shrieks.

RIYL: post goth trash punk (and honestly, who doesn't)

Bands they played with: Jacuzzi Boys, Meat Wave, A Place to Bury Strangers, Acid Dad

Most-played venues: Baby's All Right, Our Wicked Lady, Sunnyvale

#7. Thick - 28 Shows Listed in 2017

Our #1 Hardest-Working Band of 2016 took some much need time off and this year only played 28 NYC shows (remember, that's 28 local shows that we listed -- don't get it twisted).

Hope you've seen Thick live by now. If not, get out there! They're dope and you may only have like 25 chances next year!

These 100% fun punks released a new jam last month. You're gonna want to blast it below, especially if your mood could use some improving.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Cherry Glazerr, The Gotobeds, The So So Glos, Dead Heavens

Most-played venues: Alphaville, Our Wicked Lady, Union Pool

#8. Weeping Icon - 27 Shows Listed in 2017

SOLID noise punk!

If you like good loud bands, you should get into Weeping Icon at your earliest convenience. If you don't like good loud bands, I do believe you're reading the wrong music blob.

Blast their debut EP below. It's like an ice dagger to the chest in the very best way.

Please note: if you happen to be at work be sure to turn your speakers WAY UP so your unsuspecting co-workers can get blasted too -- they'll love it.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Protomartyr, The Horrors, Pill, Yvette

Most-played venues: Baby's All Right, Sunnyvale, Brooklyn Bazaar

#9. Hypoluxo - 24 Shows Listed in 2017 A.D.

You're gonna like the way these rockers gracefully swirl.

So help me blob.

RIYL: The National (for sure)

Bands they played with: Shamir, Total Slacker, High Waisted, RIPS

Most-played venues: Sunnyvale, Silent Barn, Alphaville

#10. Yucky Duster - 24 Shows Listed in 2017

Snappy peppy swerving math pop that punks!

Harmonies. Hooks. Happy heartbreak. Crazy rhythms. It's all here.

Yucky Duster is an extremely likable band. Please get into them.

Read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Shonen Knife, Peaer, Ian Sweet, Charly Bliss

Most-played venues: Sunnyvale, Alphaville, Baby's All Right

Rounding Out The Top 20:

#11. RIPS (23 shows)

#12. No Ice (23 shows)

#13. Dark Tea (23 shows)

#14. Holy Tunics (23 shows)

#15. LCD Soundsystem (23 shows) (remember their name)

#16. Surf Rock is Dead (22 shows)

#17. Bodega (22 shows)

#18. The Rizzos (22 shows)

#19. Dreamcrusher (22 shows)

#20. TORANAVOX (22 shows)

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