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Written by Patrick McNamara

No Ice is NOICE.

This new-ish New York band (born circa 2014 A.D.) play scrappy, life-affirming rock 'n' roll for the world weary everyman. Come for the punk. Stay for the doo-wop shoo-wops!

Think early Elvis Costello meets Buffalo Tom meets J Mascis meets The Lemonheads meets whoever YOU want to think about.

No Ice would be a good crew to go see after a long day working hard (or hardly working, if you work in the Music Industry) when you want to blow off some steam and brush off your cares and get blasted by a good band living in the moment, man.

Speaking of working hard, we've listed 25 No Ice shows on the (NYC) blob so far this year and it's still only October (A.D.) so if things hold No Ice will almost surely be included in our annual year end “Hardest-Working Bands" feature. Hope they're ready 4 da fame!

(read “The Hardest-Working Bands of 2015" and “The Hardest Working-Bands of 2014" as soon as you're done reading this really great band profile, please).

You may now listen to and love No Ice's latest album “Come On Feel The No Ice."

That's a good title (Evan Dando would probably agree) and this is a good album.

Published October 25, 2016



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