((Valley Lodge)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Valley Lodge is the face melting guitar shredding rock ‘n roll band straight outta “The Big Apple” (New York City). Led by Dave Hill (no relation to Dave Hill the comedian because you can’t be related to yourself I don’t think), this band’s music will restore your faith in the ability of notes. You still think notes are overrated, bro? You still haven’t listened to Valley Lodge, son!

Who to even compare Valley Lodge to? That’s a hard hypothetical right there because this band is better than every band before, during, or after their decibel destroying days (there is no after - Valley Lodge is immortal - that’s how much they KILL). But for the sake of rough comparisons only, let’s slum it a little bit and say, hmmmm, let’s say: Dokken + Dio + Motorhead + Eddie Van Roth + Led Sabbath + Spinal Tap + Rob Reiner + Did you know he directed that movie? + He also did “When Harry Met Sally” + That movie is right up there with any Woody Allen as far as I’m concerned + The Beatles + Elvis + Everything in the World + The Moon + God.

You should go see Valley Lodge play. But if you don’t, big deal. This band destroys so hard it doesn’t even matter if anybody is there to see them or not. They’ll play to nobody for all they care. They’ll melt the bartender’s face. Their guitars will rip the soul out of the coat check girl. Whatever, man. This is rock ‘n roll. And you don’t f&$# around with this s#*%!

Final thought: Valley Lodge very well could have written the theme song to "That Thing You Do." They didn’t. But they could have. Will you remember that? Shh. Say no more. That’s a deal.

Published August 21, 2013



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