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Written by Patrick McNamara

Patio is a band from Brooklyn that play post ____ punk goodness. You're gonna like the way these strong angular melodies bend. I guarantee it.*

These three post ____ punks (Loren DiBlasi + Lindsey-Paige McCloy + Alice Suh) formed circa 2014 and since then have played a bunch of dope shows with a bunch of Bands We Like, including Bent Shapes, Kal Marks, Spit, Washer, The Spook School, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control and WALL to name but a sparkling few. They're working hard out there.

As of this writing (10:24am in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) Patio JUST released their debut EP. It's called “Luxury" and it's an embarrassment of post ____ punk riches. It was recorded by Amar Lal of Big Ups. God, that band sucks. JK. I love them.

Good news! You can listen to “Luxury" right here / right now. I totally made that happen for you! It's no sweat. My pleasure. You bet.

You're gonna like the way it streams. Guaranteed.*

*guarantee not a guarantee because obviously music is completely subjective but that being said if you don't like Patio u b stupid tho

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Published April 26, 2016



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