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The 10 Hardest-Working Bands of 2014

December 10, 2014

Every year we list LOTS of shows for LOTS of bands by hand. And by LOTS we mean LOTS and LOTS and LOTS. And we can't help but notice when some bands seem to consistently make their way onto our music blob (via the World Wide IntraSphere network) with persistent regularity.

Rather than just guess at it, we decided to crunch some numbers, work some hard figures, and pull some real time truth data in order to determine which 10 bands had the most shows listed on Oh My Rockness (NYC) in 2014. The dynamic results are listed below.

Presenting…. The 10 Hardest-Working Bands of 2014.

It takes hustle. It takes heart.

#1 Sunflower Bean - 50 NYC shows in 2014

These up-and-coming fuzzy psych rock “post-something" popsters played 50 (!) shows this year. And remember, those are just the ones we listed. Formed in August of 2013, Sunflower Bean features former members of Supercute! and Turnip Kings and you can read more about them here.

Bands they played with: Cherry Glazerr, The Wytches, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Most-played venues: Baby's All Right, Palisades, Pianos

#2 Honduras - 37 NYC shows in 2014

Fuzzy haze-gaze band Honduras gets the coveted runner-up slot and this beautiful invisible silver medal. Please enjoy their new 3 song EP released on November 10, 2014 A.D. It really pops. I gotta have my pops.

Bands they played with: Drowners, Beverly, Potty Mouth

Most-played venues: Radio Bushwick, Baby's All Right, Palisades

#3 Bluffing - 35 NYC shows in 2014

This lo-fi band play super short songs that you can get into super quick. Please read more about them here. And after you're done with that, you can come back and stream the 10 song album they released wayyyyyy back in March (what was 9 months ago even LIKE, mann?). It will probably take you about 16 minutes to listen to. Give or take. We did the math super quick.

Bands they played with: The So So Glos, Two Inch Astronaut, LVL UP

Most-played venues: Cake Shop, Silent Barn, Palisades

#4 Zula - 30 NYC shows in 2014

This band formed in 2010 and are all about them psych zones, man. Here are 10 songs to familiarize yourself with Zula's post-eccentro pop vibes which might be made on Mars. Don't worry. It'll be worth the long trip.

Bands they played with: Mr. Twin Sister, Ovlov, Krill

Most-played venues: Shea Stadium, Cake Shop, Baby's All Right

#5 Celestial Shore - 29 NYC shows in 2014

More fuzzy popster rock from a band that's self-released a whole lot on the World Wide IntraSphere. You should listen to this full-length album they released on November 11th, 2014 A.D. and I should mind my own business. Please note: these songs swoop, slide, and sprawl.

Bands they played with: Big Ups, Roomrunner, Girlpool

Most-played venues: Baby's All Right, Silent Barn, Shea Stadium

#6 ONWE - 28 NYC shows in 2014

ONWE are cyberpunx (their word) that play eccentro-pop (mine) and are fronted by a former male model who really knows how to let down his hair and have some fun out there. File Under: Blue Steel RIYL: this profile

Bands they played with: Frankie Cosmos, Field Mouse, Fletcher C. Johnson

Most-played venues: Radio Bushwick, Palisades, The Bowery Electric

#7 Boytoy - 28 NYC shows in 2014

Boytoy are a sunny and (slightly) psych-y trio that write songs that are catchy, catchy, catchy. The following video is recommended if you like make-up and latex.

Bands they played with: Slothrust, Las Rosas, Drowners

Most-played venues: Rough Trade, Union Pool, Shea Stadium

#8 Life Size Maps - 28 NYC shows in 2014

Life Size Maps are a stop-start-left-right-up-down band with rhythms that go perfectly all over the place. The band are set to release their debut full-length soon on Old Flame and we're looking forward to it. Keep that hustle, LSM. Keep that hustle.

Bands they played with: Perfect Pussy, Bambara, Total Slacker

Most-played venues: Pianos, Baby's All Right, Palisades

#9 Haybaby - 27 NYC shows in 2014

Haybaby are a smooth trio that's into the fuzz pop too. Here are some songs from the EP they released late last year. Tap them toes, though.

Bands they played with: The Teen Age, The Big Sleep, Miniboone

Most-played venues: Radio Bushwick, Palisades, Cameo Gallery

#10 The xx - 26 NYC shows in 2014

OK. Here's the thing about this one. All of these shows (except one) were at Park Avenue Armory over, like, a 10 day period or something. And each show sold out in fractions of a second. I don't really remember the specifics. There are no rear view mirrors here at Rockness HQ. Except for this dynamic 2014 recap article you have just enjoyed and is now done.

Bands they played with: The xx, The xx, The xx

Most-played venues: Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue Armory



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