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Written by Patrick McNamara

Philadelphia's Thin Lips are a band of three (Chrissy* + Michael* + Kyle) that make lo-fi ANTHEMS. Think punk riffs meets pretty melodies meets extremely singable choruses meets everybody's now feeling a bit better about things after listening to this goodness even though life isn't always that great. Think all that.

This band are no New Kids on The Block (NKOTB). They've been around a bit, releasing their first audio sacrifice to the World Wide Intrasphere in the Year 2013 A.D. But moving ahead to present day now, they just played some shows with their pals in Hop Along (file under: good band) and if their Facebook "about" page is to be believed (it appears very credible), these days Thin Lips also like to run around and mix it up with their Philly neighbors Waxahatchee + Amanda X + Radiator Hospital. I wrote nice things about all of these good bands once.... that's why their names are linked like that.... it doesn't go to their Facebook pages or whatever. #behindthemusicblob

Very recently (the First Day of the Fifth Month in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.), Thin Lips released an excellent four song EP called “Divorce Year." Every song is good and, as mentioned two paragraphs previously, it will make you want to sing along... if you're into that. I know I am. I sing all the time. I may not have the talent, but I certainly have the heart.

I'll now go ahead and post that entire EP for your streaming/singing pleasure below. Sure, it's sweet of me to do that, especially since it's so good, but you should really be sending your gratitude to Thin Lips because they're the ones that made it.

File Under: good

RIYL: band

*Chrissy + Michael are sister/brother and you heard this music fact here FOURTH.

Also, did you ever notice how much The Beatles totally ripped off this song? It's shocking..

Published May 13, 2015



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