The Best Shows in NYC This Week: D'Angelo + DJ Animal Collective + Porches + Frankie Cosmos + Chumped + Alex G + Anvil + Hannibal Buress + lots more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: D'Angelo + DJ Animal Collective + Porches + Frankie Cosmos + Chumped + Alex G + Anvil + Hannibal Buress + lots more goodness

January 30, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

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Let’s now talk about some hot buzzing shows! Woo! I love live music! Concerts! Party! Nightlife! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!

Monday - February 2nd, 2015 A.D.

Let’s start with some comedy because lets face it there’s really not a whole lot funny about the first week of February in New York City (as the above intro suggests). Wyatt Cenac does his weekly $5 Littlefield show tonight. Go see him before he’s too big for this. It’s gonna happen. Look at Hannibal Buress and the free weekly Knitting Factory gig he just recently stopped doing because now he’s huge. Clear eyes. Full heart. You snooze. You lose.

Flushing’s finest lyrical flow-ist Action Bronson plays B.B. Kings tonight - a show that was originally scheduled for 1/26 but then that HISTORIC SNOWSTORM didn’t hit and everybody was too busy sledding over the pleasant dusting to even THINK about shows.

Chadwick Stokes plays Rough Trade and I have only two rules here on Oh My Rockness. #1: Never list a show for a guy whose first name is Chadwick. #2: There are no other rules. But tonight’s kind of light and this show is free, so, you know what they say… rules were made to be broken.

UPDATE: This show has been rescheduled for 2/9. See? I told you the deal about rules.

Other notable shows = it’s a Monday in early February what do you want from me


Tuesday - February 3rd, 2015 A.D.

The majestically historic Kings Theatre (first opened circa 1929 a.k.a the year Yo La Tengo played their first show) on Brooklyn's Flatbush Avenue re-opens after a $94 million renovation with a show by Diana Ross. They’ve booked a bunch of other shows in the coming months including Sufjan Stevens + up-and-coming emerging buzz alt band Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons + Disney Live! I’ve heard good things. The following is one of the best pop songs ever written. And I'm serious about that.

Other notable shows = I don’t know, when does Better Call Saul or the second season of Silicon Valley start, but you know what is really good is that show Togetherness


Wednesday - February 4th, 2014 A.D.

London’s Leave the Planet play their first ever US show at Cake Shop tonight (and more throughout the week) and I totally just wrote a few nice words about their swirly dream pop. It’s weird how sometimes that content shit coincides like that. Toronto's Beliefs open. They're good too. So that's always nice.

The Big Sleep play Pianos and this stellar band has been shredding for something like 10 years. Did you know they played the very first Oh My Rockness show in 2006? It was called “March Radness” and it was at Brooklyn Lyceum (which is now batting cages or something, not sure) and we gave away free Sparks and it was the greatest nights of my life. Wish you could’ve been there.

Washer play The Grand Victory. This band plays slip ‘n slide slacker punk with tight, bendy melodies that will leave you dreaming of Cheyenne, Wyoming.* Read more about them u kno u want 2.

(*or whatever city you want to dream about)

Other notable shows = Anti-Flag at Asbury Lanes + Vessel and Container at The Wick + Midnight Magic at Mercury Lounge


Thursday - February 5th, 2014 A.D.

"My name is Sandy and I'm 14 years old." Alex G plays Palisades. He’s one of my new favorite musicians going, man. That’s why I wrote all these nice words about him. See Alex at this small space so maybe one day you can say you saw him when.

Brooklyn shoegaze indie popsters Ex Cops play Baby’s All Right with DJ sets by Crocodiles and Prince Rama. By the way, I am available to spin your party under my moniker DJ Chad Farthouse. Hit me up if interested. I can hold one headphone up to my ear with the best of them.

Metal anti-legends Anvil play The Shop. And if you haven’t seen this documentary about them yet don’t let that stop you from getting into it now. Only haters say things are too late. It’s never, ever, ever, too late. For anything. Forever and Ever. Amen.

Other notable shows = Leave the Planet at Shea Stadium + Anti-Flag at Gramercy Theatre + Shark? at Pianos + DJ Talib Kweli at Brooklyn Bowl


Friday - February 6th, 2014 A.D.

Porches (click that when you’re ready) + Frankie Cosmos (click that 2 whenever it’s cool 4 U) + Krill (“I SAID TURN YOUR KEY, SIR”) lead a very good lineup at Bowery Ballroom tonight. I’d say if you had to make it to one tonight, this is the one you just might want to make.

Animal Collective DJs spin at Brooklyn Bowl. As of press time, DJ Chad Farthouse not yet asked to open. But I just wanted to throw out again that I’m available and have a very minimal set-up. Just need access to a double cassette player - one that preferably records.

Hannibal Buress (see my reference to him previously) plays The Space at Westbury and I hope you’re happy now. You had so many chances to see this guy make the funny for free at Knitting Factory over the last couple years. And now he’s huge. Clear eyes. Full heart. You snooze. You lose.

Other notable shows = Nude Beach at Knitting Factory + The Movielife at Irving Plaza + Natalie Prass at Rough Trade + EyeHateGod at Saint Vitus + Finding Fiction at Cake Shop


Saturday - February 7th, 2014 A.D.

Legend Michael Eugene Archer, aka D’Angelo, plays Apollo Theater. He’ll be performing songs off his new album “Black Messiah” probably possibly. Nobody could confirm this is actually the case (not that I reached out to anybody) but the record just came out last month so why would he not? Just giving you a little insight into my thinking before I make such bold unsubstantiated proclamations. By the way, this show is sold-out. REAL sold-out.

California X (click it or ticket) + PINKWASH (click it or ticket) + Worriers (click it or ticket) are three good bands who all happen to be playing Knitting Factory tonight. If you don’t like guitars I suggest you stay away from this one (and pretty much every other show I’ve mentioned so far this week - but I do recommend you check out the next DJ Chad Farthouse gig).

Bellows play Palisades. And he makes pretty, lo-fi eccentro-pop that’s sad, strange, exciting, excellent. Consider going to this one and then consider thanking me the next time you see me. Probably the best way to connect is to come to the next DJ Chad Farthouse show.

And Philadelphia punk RIPPERS Mannequin Pussy lead a really good lineup at Shea Stadium. God, that band shreds.

Other notable shows = Jason Isbell and Damien Jurado at Beacon Theater + Hannibal Buress at The Capitol Theatre + Bambara at Silent Barn + Lee Ranaldo at Rockwood Music Hall + The Movielife at Irving Plaza + The Felice Brothers at Cannon’s Blackthorn


Sunday - February 8th, 2014 A.D.

Future of What play Baby’s All Right tonight. The fine Brooklyn band recently released their sublime debut album. It’s called “Pro Dreams” and you can impossibly stream the entire thing below. Technology be crazy tho.

Brooklyn’s Chumped play The Grand Victory. They play good pop punk and I like their album a whole heckuva lot (pardon my language). You want to stream that whole thing too? YOU FUCKING GOT IT.

Other notable shows = Hannibal Buress at BAM (clear eyes full heart you snooze you lose) + that television programme Togetherness I mentioned previously


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