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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC’s Bellows make pretty lo-fi eccentro-pop with plenty of heart. This band can be melancholy when they're not deciding to get euphoric. Remember, there's always range and spectrum involved with good things. Bellows was made by the mind of Oliver Kalb in his bedroom/living room/dining room/mud room/actually not sure which room. Live, he has a whole crew to help bring these sad/strange/exciting/excellent soundscapes to wonderful warbled life.

Bellows doesn’t really sound like anybody. I've never heard nobody on the radio dial like this. That being said, here are a few bands and artists Bellows doesn’t really sound like but MAYBE: Porches + Perfume Genius + Ariel Pink (please don't read the 8-year-old profile his name links to) + Sufjan Stevens + Nicholas Nicholas + Kirin J Callinan + Sean Nicholas Savage + Xiu Xiu + The Antlers + Youth Lagoon. Excuse me for throwing up all those names. But Bellows are something like those peeps but not really maybe? Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful. Definitely not trying to throw up walls and build more boxes, man.

Earlier this year Bellows released “Blue Breath” on Dead Labour (also home to Big Ups - they suck - jk i luv them) and it's twelve songs of pretty lo-fi folk pop wonderment. It somehow sounds big while still remaining small. Go ahead and twirl your brainwaves around THAT mostly meaningless jargon, man. You can stream the whole thing below and a word of advice. Give it time. Let this one breathe. It's a real grower. I shit you not. You can count on me.

Published November 11, 2014



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