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Guitars are back, don't you know. Sure, the synths had their day. The synths had their run. But just like hip-hop and be-bop, you must know that these things go in cycles. And it's time for synths to step aside once more for another decade or two. Because it's the guitars turn... again.

Amherst's California X are a heavy-hitting GUITAR band that brings its best dirty, sludge-rock 'A Game' to every small and dark venue it plays. Many comparisons to Dinosaur Jr. abound when discussing these guys. And I like phrasing it that way because it makes it seem like I'm above the Dinosaur Jr. comparisons - yet I still am able to compare them to Dinosaur Jr. It's a fun trick. You should try it sometime. Everyone else does.

These three Mass-tastic* guys (*I apologize for that) slay pretty good. I'm blasting them right now and life just seems more... muddy.... more stoney... and decidedly more big time. All I want is to cloak myself in this mighty riffage and let the transcendence come... but first I have to go get munchable reinforcements... and that probably requires pants... and that means figuring my laundry situation out... and just like that, life is intense again. Oh well. It was a nice feeling while it lasted.

Coming full circle now - just like the seasons of life, dude - the goodness that is California X is just another example of the synths' demise. But it's ok synths. Don't worry. You'll be back. So let the guitars have their decade. They've earned it. You've got next, synths. Well, after the saxophones finally make their triumphant comeback, of course. You think those interminable periods the saxophones waited between Coltrane ('60s) and Kenny G ('80s) and Mighty Mighty Bosstones ('90s... I guess?) were easy, synths? You're not the only musical instrument who must bide their time in this world. So suck it up, synths.

Published January 16, 2013



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