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Toronto's Beliefs are another band rocking that retro shoegaze sound. Wait. I say "another" not as in, "give it a rest already." Surely I didn't give you that impression because that's the bummer "another." I only meant "another" as in, "I coincidentally just got done writing a profile on Cheatahs, who also coincidentally rock the retro shoegaze." That's what I meant. But I guess you couldn't know what I just did. So I understand the confusion. Unless you're looking at me... right... now.

But enough of that. Everyone knows there's always more room in our musical hearts for sweet retro shoegaze. Duh. It's kind of like how you always have room for dessert (scientifically speaking, this is because you actually have a second dessert stomach that the body only uses to consume small sugar-based dishes that are over 1500 calories). Who declines dessert? Duh.

Beliefs cite My Bloody Valentine + Slowdive + The Jesus & Mary Chain as influences. And of course they do. Those bands rule. But of all those great old shoegaze bands - I would place Beliefs on the more "pleasant" side of that noise spectrum where they all lived. So think less turbulent and more swirly. Although maybe swirls actually create the turbulence? The next time I'm at the airport I'll ask the first ticketing agent I see.

But Beliefs aren't just living in the past. I didn't give you that impression, did I? Surely not! Beliefs sound new, too. They sound modern. They sound like another one of those indiepop bands. Wait. Not the bummer "another" again! I only meant I just wrote about Literature! I just wrote about Literature!

Finally, indiepop? I thought I said this was shoegaze? Do the same rules apply? Is indiepop also like having a second dessert stomach? I'll consult The New Scientist journal and let you know.

Published February 13, 2013



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