The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Joyce Manor + Lorde + Bear in Heaven + The Drums + Ty Segall + Islands + Nick Cave + Devendra Banhart + goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Joyce Manor + Lorde + Bear in Heaven + The Drums + Ty Segall + Islands + Nick Cave + Devendra Banhart + goodness

September 12, 2014
Written by Patrick McNamara

Let’s talk about good shows as it pertains to the perspective of this local music blob. But please remember. All music rules.

Forever and Ever.


Monday - September 15th, 2014 A.D.

Joyce Manor pops the punk at Bowery Ballroom. This band is from Torrance, CA (birthplace of the American Youth Soccer Association and Bo Derek!) and they are pretty popular now. Well, relatively. My mother does not recognize their existence….. yet.

Ovlov play Death by Audio. The 13 regular readers here will notice that I talk quite frequently about Ovlov in this dynamic weekly feature. And I can explain all that. Will you just let me explain? I talk about Ovlov so much because Ovlov are the best (backwards) car band of all time. The second best is Zneb Sedecrem. Obviously.

Lorde plays United Palace Theatre (and tomorrow too) with Majical Cloudz (who should really get a room with tUnE-yArDs sometime). You 13 regular readers (i luv u!) will remember Lorde was on here last week. Probably because of the delightful George “Pine Tar Incident” Brett video I posted. I think I’ll do it again. Because it’s not recycled digital content if YOU believe in it, man.

Other notable shows = John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats reading/discussing something at (le) poisson rouge + Air Waves at Glasslands + No Joy at Mercury Lounge + Glass Animals at Music Hall of Williamsburg


Tuesday - September 16th, 2014 A.D.

Ferocious and cuddly hometown angel crushers Bear in Heaven play Bowery Ballroom (and tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg). This good band hasn't played here in awhile (I don’t think - I could research it - but, nah) and it’ll be good to welcome their super smooth synth beats back with open arms and settle in for a good squeeze. Young Magic opens. Also a good band. And not that young anymore.

The Drums (please don't click through to that band profile - it's 5 years old) and Beverly (that one's a-OK) play Music Hall of Williamsburg (and Saturday at Bowery Ballroom + just The Drums on Sunday at Rough Trade). You know about The Drums and their smooth pop skills. Me too. I think I saw their second show ever at Southpaw (RIP - you’re a kid’s party place now - because of course you are) and I think I just did the thing where I said I saw some band before they were big. Oops. BTW, did I ever tell you about the time I saw Arcade Fire at Arlene’s Grocery? No? Well. Some other time then.

San Francisco swirl-noise-gazer’s Whirr (click that) and brutally beautiful Brooklyn band Sannhet (click that) lead the lineup at The Studio at Webster Hall. That's at least two good bands. One low price. ($10 bucks or something. I don’t know. I just blob here.) This will be loud. But I’ll be damned if you don’t also hear some of the prettiest melodies floating above all the noise.

Public Enemy play Brooklyn Bowl. They’re just one of the few true legends that I ever talk about on this thing. But, you know, don’t go if you're not into music icons. You want to pick a hot buzzy emerging alt to see instead? Go for it. You do you. This is your journey, man. Just don’t believe the hype.

Other notable shows = Glass Animals at Rough Trade + DJ Grouplove at Glasslands + Cookies at Baby’s All Right + Wand at Death by Audio


Wednesday - September 17th, 2014 A.D.

Ty Segall plays Webster Hall (and tomorrow too). I tell ya, this guy keeps getting better, doesn’t he? Just another Bay Area lo-fi garage punk he is not. How many releases has Ty put out now? Where we at? More than ten but under twenty? I'm not sure. If only I had access to a machine that could tell me the answers. Something where I could somehow key in unique characters in code which would then be deciphered and the information I seek would somehow zap back to me.

No man is an Islands (don't click it - it's 6 years old). 13 men and women have been in the Montreal eccentro-pop* band Islands at one time or another. So my compu-tron pad tells me. But right now for this touring reunion gala there are only four. The delightful synth popsters TEEN start the show. And oh yeah, it’s at Baby’s All Right.

*actually Islands might be the band I first used the term “eccentro-pop” for - wait, maybe I'm thinking of The Unicorns - I always get those two related bands confused - yeah, now I'm sure it was The Unicorns - unless it was Pinback (holy shit, that profile is 10 years old - whatever you do, don't click it - it could totally mess up the space/time continuum).

Alt ‘n B smooth groove master How to Dress Well (thanks, but I already know - loose, breathable clothing - all day every day) + the similarly sounding synonym of smooth Nite Jewel play Irving Plaza. I’m feeling more sexy just blobbing about this one. Imagine the feeling at the real live thing. 2 2 sexxxxy.

Sheffield, England’s Slow Club (please pay no attention that 4-year-old band profile - although there are profiles 6 years older that that) play Bowery Ballroom. Four years ago, I called this duo folk-pop (I just had to sneak a peek). But that’s no longer the road they're running on. Listen to this song. Tell me what you hear. Post-musical pop? Alt ‘n Beach? Indieska? Whatever. It's all chill.

Other notable shows = Bear in Heaven at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Lia Ices at Mercury Lounge + Dinowalrus at Glasslands + Literature at Death by Audio + Phone Home at Cake Shop


Thursday - September 18th, 2014 A.D.

Metronomy came all the way from England to play Irving Plaza. So the least you could do is show up. Like Slow Club, they also aren’t the band they used to be since starting in 1999. Once electro-pop of the chillest order, Metronomy now sound like…. nah, nevermind. They’re still pretty chill electro-pop.

British alt ‘n b soul phenom Sam Smith (no relation to the shoes) plays United Palace Theatre (and tomorrow at Hammerstein). His influences include: Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. This last mention is a real coincidence because I’ve had “How Will I Know” by Ms. Houston stuck in my head for approximately the last four years. I don’t know why.

I like Literature’s sweet indiepop because it both jingles AND jangles. Go see them play some completely catchy songs from their new album “Chorus” (Slumberland) at Cake Shop. And I do believe this was the first real music information I’ve given you so far this week on this dynamic digital feature.

OK GO play (le) poisson rouge (and tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom). How much pressure do you think this band now feels with every music video they make? "Innovators" is a hella big time word burden to live up to every time someone screams action. 10 million views or bust, man. Of course, they will never eclipse the following video below (45 million and counting). Unless they do.

Other notable shows = King Crimson at Best Buy Theater + Senses Fail at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Turquoise Jeep smanging it at Brooklyn Bowl


Friday - September 19th, 2014 A.D.

Devendra Banhart + Stephin Merritt + Iron & Wine will singer songwriter the shit outta BAM tonight. Remember when the world was captivated by freak folk? Remember this lovely underrated indie comedy featuring the music of Magnetic Fields? Remember when Iron & Wine wrote the following song that still sometimes makes me cry on the inside? If any of this makes sense, you’re going to want to be at (97X) BAM tonight.

The Replacements are #true #original #alts. The Minnesota twins (Paul Westerberg + Tommy Stinson) have reunited, don’t you know. And tonight they play Forest Hills Stadium (tennis home to the U.S. Open a total of 60 times - thanks, Wikipedia!) - the band’s first NYC show in _______ years. Damn. Has it really been _____ years? Time flies, man. Time _______ flies. Oh yeah. Deer Tick and The Hold Steady are playing too. Neato.

Soaring synth guitar popsters Here We Go Magic play a free show at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. As shows at this venue have been going on now for close to year, I must now ask you what valuable locally sourced trinkets have you acquired since first stepping through its doors? I’m saddened to say I have yet to buy any trinkets. But I did purchase a taco once. So I'm not sweating it either.

Sexy Toronto synth pop gothers Trust play Irving Plaza. I’ve liked this band since forever ago (2012). The beats are good and Robert Alfons’ voice is insane. And I do believe Trust are a little happier now than they were wayyyyyy back when I first started blasting this band (2 years ago).

Other notable shows = Jonny Greenwood performing the score of “There Will Be Blood” at United Palace Theatre (more on that in a minute) + Metronomy at Warsaw + The Cave Singers at Mercury Lounge + Drunk Dad at The Gutter + Michael Che at The Bell House + The Weeknd at Barclay’s Center + Sam Smith at Hammerstein + Shorts at Death by Audio + OK GO at Bowery Ballroom


Saturday - September 20th, 2014 A.D.

Jonny Greenwood performs his score to the film “There Will Be Blood” at United Palace Theatre. "Drainage! Drainage, Eli, you boy. Drained dry. Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw. There it is. That’s a straw, you see? Watch it. Now, my straw reaches acrooooooooss the room and starts to drink your milkshake. I...drink...your...milkshake!" That’s a good movie. Mr. Greenwood is also in The Radio Head. They sang that song “Creep” in the ‘90s.

Nick Cave returns to town after a thirty day absence (approximation) for a screening of the new docu-drama “20,000 Days on Earth” at Town Hall. Guess what it’s about? That’s right. Nick Cave. He’s going to talk about it. And, yes, he’ll play something too. It’s sold-out, though. So I question why I’m even getting into it. Either you know and have a ticket. Or, you didn’t know, now know, want to go, but can’t. Oh well. That’s the way it goes.

Avi Buffalo play a free show at Rough Trade. You see. There are still free summer shows. (It’s still summer for 2 more days. Ask anyone.) Go see this sunny, ennui soaked Sub Pop band from Long Beach and don’t pay anyone for the privilege.

Blobbing of free, Those Darlins + Landlady + Heat (click that) + The Dirty Nil (click that) play Brooklyn Night Bazaar. That’s a good lineup front to back. Something I’m always in favor of. Once I reach a place I tend to stick around a little bit. Moving is overrated.

Other notable shows = Wu Tang Clan at Barclays Center + Backwords and Wild Yaks and Dead Stars and Radical Dads at Baby’s All Right + Kronos Quartet at BAM + King Crimson at Best Buy Theater + The Drums at Bowery Ballroom + The Cave Singers at Rough Trade + The Dandy Warhols at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Palomar at Cake Shop + Javelin at Glasslands + The So So Glos at Irving Plaza + Yacht at Mercury Lounge + damnnnnn those are a lot of good shows tonight


Sunday - September 21st, 2014 A.D.

Ooh. Another good free one. You see? Summer’s not over yet. Right, guys? Right?! We technically still have another day! Right, guys? Right?! SUMMER’S NOT OVER YET!!!!! Singer writer shredder Marnie Stern plays Brooklyn Flea and YOU. SHALL. NOT. PAY.*

*I'll miss that phrase - oh well - I'll digitally recycle it next year

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are a really good fuzzy jingle-jangle garage pop band. I’ve been telling you that since 2012, son! See them tonight at Glasslands with the similarly pop sublime Free Time. I hope they play the song about the Chicago Bulls. I’ll wear my Jordan jersey just in case.

Longtime digital hustlers Simian Mobile Disco play Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you’re the type who stays out dancing on a Sunday night then you, friend, are on the right side of history as far as I’m concerned.


Thanks for getting crazy with me again this week. It’s always fun. Every. Single. Time.

OK, who are we seeing and what time should I be ready???


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