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Written by Patrick McNamara

Portland’s Drunk Dead are a heavy sludge goth stoner grunge band that doesn’t care what you think about their music. At least that’s what I infer when I read on the World Wide Intra Sphere that they describe their sound as “Fuck You All Wave.” But I’m going to tell you what I think about their music anyway. Because I’m #punk #rock like that. And this is my music blob, goddamn it.

These four dudes (I’d tell you their names but they don’t care what you think of their names) make angry loud ass music that thunders and booms and dooms and glooms. It's heavy sounds for heavy nights. The world sucks. Light the match. Burn it up. Get it a good grip. Here we go. Let’s rip. It’s hostile, antagonistic, belligerent, and it straight shreds.

I don’t want to live in this world all the time. I often prefer “We’re All In This Together Wave.” But during those times when I feel like life’s giving me the rush and it’s high time to start blitzing back Drunk Dad would be a good band to blast. It’s therapeutic. Even though it might make my neighbors mad. Good thing I don’t care about my neighbors*. Because I’m #punk #rock like that.

Stream this 4-song EP if you want (songs = "Guts" + "Seizure" + "Ritual" + "Scum Free"). But summer beach music, this is not. So don't get mad at me if this isn't your thing. I warned you. Don't think less of me. I care what you think.

(*my neighbors are wonderful people - they never complain about anything)

Published August 13, 2014



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