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Seriously, these band names just keep getting better and better. Radiohead!? I mean like WTF u kno?

This all-guy group from somewhere in England is best known for their only good song, "Creep." And while mostly I just liked how he said "you're so f'ing special," I guess I kind of also liked how the song started soft and then got loud and then soft again, kinda like LIMP B but not as good obvs (BEST BROS EVER!!!).

Apparently Radiohead have put out a bunch of records, but I've never sniffed anything remotely resembling a hit since MAYBE "Fake Plastic Trees." And that song was just popular because their singer was in a grocery cart in the video acting all worn out. "OH IM SO SAD SHOPPING AT THIS STORE!" It's like U KNO??!

But like all one-hit-wonder bands from the 1990's (like that "You said, what about breakfast at Tiffany's" band), Radiohead has recently resurfaced to play "Creep" once more to anyone that still cares. They'll probably save it 'til the last song too, because as mentioned, it's their ONLY good one! Great, that means we have to sit through a few hundred minutes of filler songs that have titles like "Let Down" and "The Bends" and "How to Disappear Completely." Man, talk about buzzkills! They should be happy they have fans old enough to even remember "Creep!" Happy ANYONE STILL CARES EVER!!

And seriously if they don't play "Creep" I'm gonna be sooooooooo PISSED. U KNO???!!?!?!$#)$#Q)*#$!!?!?
Published November 6, 2008



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