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Montreal's Devin Welsh is the mastermind behind Majical Cloudz. Here are three things you need to know about this man. #1: He makes excellent eccentro-pop mostly made by machines. #2: He's friends and a frequently collaborates with Grimes - who trusted sources tell me is buzzy and totally alt these days. #3: He's apparently not a very good speller. But as my man Meat Loaf always says, "Two out of three ain't bad." At least this isn't another vowel-less band. So count your blessings.

Welsh has a warm, crooning voice and it's the main reason why I like this band. His voice sometimes sounds like The National guy meets that Bono fellow. I'm telling you. And if you don't like that comparison, you, friend, have not yet listened to Majical Cloudz.

Of course, being firmly entrenched in the long, historical eccentro-pop tradition (a genre I made up just for the hell of it), things tend to veer a little bit on the side of odd when Majical Cloudz buckled down and started spreading these slowly swirling jams towards your cerebral headspace. In other words, don't count on verse-chorus-verse all the time. Sometimes that comes, for sure. But other times Majical Cloudz just goes off into electro space and does their own thing for an orbit or two. I've always appreciated when bands do that. How about you?

Published January 9, 2013



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