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Many music writers/reviewers like to use this trick: "There are those who say that six-piece (!) San Francisco band Whirr sounds like My Bloody Valentine, but that would perhaps be an inaccurate starting point for this explosively good sound." See? See what they did there?

They started their write-up saying that Whirr sounds like My Bloody Valentine by saying they were NOT going to be like everyone else and start their write-up by saying Whirr sounds like My Bloody Valentine! It absolves the reviewer of any responsibility to be original in their own opinion whatsoever! Fun times! We've gone over all this before, of course.

But moving on, San Francisco's Whirr plays loud "wall of sound" stuff that sounds like, well, they've been compared to My Bloody Valentine (by others! not by me!) but that's certainly an easy comparison to make. I mean, right? Might I be so bold as to suggest that's even a LAZY comparison? Seriously. What is WRONG with everyone in the world but me!?! I would never, ever compare Whirr to My Bloody Valentine. Whirr? My Bloody Valentine? Whirr and My Bloody Valentine?!?! No ways, guys. No way.

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Published May 3, 2012



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