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Written by Patrick McNamara

Joyce Manor are a punk pop band (not to be confused with pop punk - totally different sitch) from Torrance, CA (birthplace of the American Youth Soccer Organization and home to Bo Derek - wow! - thanks, Wikipedia!) who write strong and lamentable sing-songs that will leave you feeling like EMO ISN’T A DIRTY WORD, YOU GUYS!!!!!

Yes. These guys have been playing for awhile (what was 2008 even LIKE, mannn?). But I just got into their goodness recently. So they are new to me and I'm certainly not going to let this unfortunate crack in my music history get in the way of embracing them now. If you have loved Joyce Manor seemingly all your days, congratulations. You beat me. You win. I didn’t have time to make a trophy or a medal. Will my dead grandmother’s engagement ring do?

Never Hungover Again. That’s what I said to myself this morning. It’s also the name of Joyce Manor’s upcoming album (July 22nd in the Year of Purdue Wunderchicken). It’s great and I lie to myself alllll the time but not about that. I’d post the whole thing for you to stream but some other leading alt music blob has the “exclusive” on that. So you’ll just have to believe me.

You can even go ahead and preorder that thing with confidence. You can count on me. Please note. It's only 19 minutes long. Don't say I didn't warn you and don't say I didn't say it was worth every penny because I just did.

At the very least - here’s one song from that album. I know it's not much. But along with my dead grandmother’s engagement ring, it was all I had.

Published July 15, 2014



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