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Written by Patrick McNamara

L.A.'s Cherry Glazerr are a lo-fi punk haze pop band led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Clementine Creevy + drummer Hannah Uribe + bassist Sean Redman.

The band part of that whole Burger Records crew. Perhaps you read the profile on that DIY record label/music store/lifestyle space in this hot new alt blob called the New York Times? If so, this reference will surely help you put Cherry Glazerr's sound in a cool new context. If you know nothing about Burger Records, that's OK. You're still a wonderful person.

Even though half the band is still in high school and still sometimes write songs about stuff like grilled cheese, Cherry Glazerr are really going places, baby. They recently shared the stage with peeps like Bleached + Hunx and His Punxs + Mikal Cronin + The Black Lips. And they probably should play a ton of festivals this summer too. Everybody loves listening to good lo-fi punk haze pop while sitting outside and considering the cosmos, yeah? Get on that, festival bookers.

Fun-ish fact. Cherry Glazerr are named after KCRW (L.A.'s leading NPR affiliate) radio host Chery Glaser. I don't think I even knew what NPR stood for in high school, much less think to name my band after somebody on it. Then again. I guess that's why Cherry Glazerr are rising high and getting profiled in alt blobs like the New York Times and I'm just sitting here blobbing about blobs while considering wheels within wheels.

The young age of the members of Cherry Glazerr is going to be the thing you keep hearing about. For now. But this band's songs are pretty damn catchy, alright. So you should give them a stream just for that. And who knows. We just might one day remember when we saw them back when they were kids.

(if you're reading this in the distant future please email me and let me know if my hunch was right and it totally happened for these guys assuming we still communicate via email in the distant future.)

Published May 27, 2014



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