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Big Ups reminds me that ohhhhh, yeah - bands can be fun! I totally almost forgot that. You know, with all the seriousness going on in music these days (because if you're serious - mostly boring people will seriously take your mostly boring band very seriously).

NYC's Big Ups are a completely fun and instantly likeable band (except for the people that don't instantly like them - but this isn't for those H8TRS - go listen to a tortured troubadour and remain wary and weary) that plays high energy ramshackle punk rock that you'll want to get messy and sweaty to.

As I blast Big Ups fine three song 7" from my computerss speakers (oh don't you worry about me and my sound system - I've got a good subwoofer), I can almost hear the smiles of these four dudes over the riffs and between the shouts. They're having a good time, I just know it. And if they're not - they certainly fake it well.

Big Ups is a band you should go out and see when you feel like mixing it up - in a pleasant way. Don't hurt anyone out there, guys. Be cool. Be nice. Be fun. Long. Live. Punk. Rock.

Published November 15, 2012



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