The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Toro y Moi + Sufjan Stevens + DIIV + Four Tet + Bully + Fat White Family + Twin Peaks + Kids in the Hall + Eleanor Friedberger + Baked + Palm + Vasudeva + Empress Of + Pill + Lucius + Ben Folds + Big Ups + more goodness - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Toro y Moi + Sufjan Stevens + DIIV + Four Tet + Bully + Fat White Family + Twin Peaks + Kids in the Hall + Eleanor Friedberger + Baked + Palm + Vasudeva + Empress Of + Pill + Lucius + Ben Folds + Big Ups + more goodness

April 27, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

If you're interested in going to good shows, you're in for a real treat this week because we've got plenty of those.

If you're not interested in going to good shows, you're following the wrong blob.

Here we go. Look alive out there now. Look alive.

Monday - April 27th, 2015 A.D.

Ben Folds (minus his four) plays Bowery Ballroom (and tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg and Thursday at Town Hall). It is of my opinion that the following song is the best Ben Folds song. But I don't know all of his songs. So feel free to correct my opinion in the comments section this blob has thankfully never had.

Brooklyn indie popsters Lucius play a free show with RSVP at Music Hall of Williamsburg and that RSVP list is now closed. So I hope you already RSVP'd or you don't care.

Stone Temple Pilots play Irving Plaza and while this isn't a recommended show or anything (because why?) I just wanted to use this opportunity to inform you that this tour is officially called “The Master Blaster Tour." That's the tour name that made the final cut by Weiland's peeps: The Master Blaster Tour. What a dumb name. Signed, Oh My Rockness.

Other notable shows = Nicholas Nicholas at Silent Barn + The Wombats at Webster Hall


Tuesday - April 28th, 2015 A.D.

DIIV just announced last week that they're playing this show at Baby's All Right (late) tonight and they most definitely will be playing songs off their new album “Is the Is Are." I would like to see them tour sometime with The Hotelier and have them call it the “Is the Is Are Home, Like Noplace Is There Tour." Someday, Jennifer. Someday. Sunflower Bean opens this show, BTW. They were the #1 Hardest Working NYC Band in 2014 according to this blob.

Speaking of hardest working bands, Boston's Pile are certainly one of those. They're also a band's band. Pile are the band behind the band BEHIND the band. See their good punk (early) at Baby's All Right. They'll bring the noise. I'll bring the funk.

Brooklyn's Empress Of (aka Lorely Rodriguez) starts five straight shows at Elvis Guesthouse - the place The King visits every now and then when he makes the trip up from Tupac's grandma's house in Cuba. Things are gonna get real SMOOTH up in here the next few nights. Real real SMOOTH.

Other notable shows = iLoveMakonnen (but not me) at Bowery Ballroom + Ben Folds at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Bellows at Palisades + AlunaGeorge at Rough Trade


Wednesday - April 29th, 2015 A.D.

Bully play Baby's All Right tonight and I wrote some kind words about this band once. And goddamn, how many times am I going to mention Baby's All Right this week? It's like, how about mixing it up a bit, Whoa My Blobness? It's not my fault. If Baby's bookers weren't so good at their jobs, this recycled content never would have happened.

Pill (click their name to read kind words) play Saint Vitus Bar and if you like skittish saxophone punk you're very specific in your tastes and GOOD NEWS that's what you're going to get if you decide to go to this one and it's not really a choice at all, really. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, that's what my man T-Bone always used to say before he was eaten by his horse.

The Relationship play The Studio at Webster Hall. Yeah. I've never heard of them either but trusted internet sources tell me that this band features members of Weezer (not Rivers) + U.S. Royalty + The Bravery. Oh, yeah. The Bravery. I remember not listening to them.

Other notable shows = Crocodiles at Union Pool + MS MR at Rough Trade + iLoveMakonnen (not me) at Music Hall of Williamsburg


Thursday - April 29th, 2015 A.D.

British beat maker Kieran Hebden is better known to people he's never met as Four Tet. He slings post rock pulses at Output tonight (and tomorrow at Sugar Hill Disco - which is also the name of some club in Liverpool - I know this because I kept tagging the wrong one on Facebook and Twitter and the dude was like “you keep tagging the wrong Sugar Hill Disco, mate!"). Hebden used to be in the band Fridge and former rookie William Refrigerator Perry may have been large but he was no dumb cookie. Let's start this one over.

London's Fat White Family play Music Hall of Williamsburg. They're one of those fun rock bands that like to get crazy live. So look out for a bunch of antics. Maybe they'll get naked. Maybe they'll smash watermelons. You just never know. Better bring a poncho just in case to cover both you or them.

Vasudeva are instrumental math rock masters that are still somewhat flying under the radar a bit. If you like getting in on the ground floor of good bands so you can someday brag to your buds that you once saw them when, good news, these three dudes play Webster Hall (Marlin Room) tonight. In the meantime, stream their album if you're the type that enjoys streaming good albums. File Under: good. RIYL: band

Finally for tonight, Big Ups play Silent Barn and I love these punks. Amen.

Other notable shows = Yonatan Gat at Aviv + DJ Will Sheff of Okkervil River at Baby's All Right + Dragons of Zynth at Rough Trade + Weird Womb at The Acheron + The Teen Age at Shea Stadium + Nicholas Nicholas at Union Pool


Friday - May 1st, 2015 A.D.

Sufjan Stevens plays Kings Theatre (and tomorrow too) and his new album “Carrie & Lowell" is one of my favorite albums of the year. It's sad, cathartic, and impossibly pretty. I haven't heard a song more beautiful than this one below in a very long time. How about you?

Toro y Moi play Terminal 5. Don't call it a chillwave comeback. He's been here for years. Rockin his peers and puttin suckas in fears. Makin the tears rain down like a monsoon. Listen to the bass go BOOM. Explosion. Overpowerin. Over the competition he's towerin. Wreckin shop, when he drops these lyrics that will make you call the cops. Don't you dare stare. You betta move. Don't ever compare. Him to the rest that'll get sliced and diced. Competition's payin the price. [Chorus:]

...Trail of Dead play Music Hall of Williamsburg (and Saturday at (le) poisson rouge) and I totally know them by their good music. It's hard to believe these Austin rockers have been slinging sounds strong for over twenty years. Time keeps ticking. Source Tags & Codes, though.

Legendary sketch comedy group Kids in the Hall were funny for many reasons besides being Canadian. The troupe does two shows tonight at Town Hall and all Daves get in free.

*do not try to get in free, Dave

**get a sense of humor, Dave

***or as the Canadiens say, “humour"

Other notable shows = HEEMS at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (free) + Four Tet at Sugarhill Disco + Ricky Eat Acid at Palisades + Bush Tetras 35th anniversary at (le) poisson rouge + Icky Blossoms at Cameo Gallery + The Stationary Set at Baby's All Right


Saturday - May 2nd, 2015 A.D.

Chicago's Twin Peaks play Music Hall of Williamsburg and they're a good old up-and-coming rock 'n roll band, man. Get boozy and get busy getting lifted for this one. Also, go Bulls. I really think we have a shot this year. Derrick Rose. Jimmy Buckets. Pau-Pau-Pau! Smoke Ya Noah. Yeah. We have a shot. #GoBulls #SeeRed

NYC's Sick Feeling play Palisades. According to Oh My Rockness, they make “breakneck hardcore punk chaos" and that's only the third or fourth time I've quoted me back to me before on this thing, I swear. Listen to this song so you know what you're in for (spoiler: a world of hurt). Please note: song works best if you blast it.

Spandau Ballet play Beacon Theater and this show isn't recommended or anything (because why?) but I just wanted to use this opportunity to introduce a brand new regular digital feature I'm working on. It's called “Is It a HAM or Is It a JAM?" This week's post = Spandau Ballet's “True." With fresh eyes after a few years of throwing this song aside I must now ask you to decide… it a HAM or is it a JAM?

Other notable shows = Sufjan Stevens at Kings Theatre + ...Trail of Dead at (le) poisson rouge + Pill at Palisades + Kids in the Hall at The Capitol Theatre + Icky Blossoms and Infinity Shred at The Studio at Webster Hall


Sunday - May 3rd, 2015 A.D.

Eleanor Friedberger plays Rough Trade tonight. She writes good songs and by that I mean I like the way they sound when they approach my ears. This show comes extra recommended for longtime fans of The Hot Incinerators. But just regularly recommended if you like good songs.

Fresh off their triumphant 4/20 show (maybe this post just reminded you that you were there) lo-fi fuzz popsters Baked play Palisades tonight and I'll do what I can to make sure it smells like my mom's basement up in here.

Palm play (le) poisson rouge. I wrote kind things about this melodic math punk band once (January 20th, 2015) and I still mean every goddamn word.

Other notable shows = Mad Men (it's still pretty good!) + Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver + Game of Thrones (the Rockness household is divided in our opinion of it) + Silicon Valley FOR SURE.


Thanks for reading this week. I luv U.


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