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Written by Patrick McNamara

Twin Peaks (formerly known as Fire Walk With Me - ssssssike!) are four dudes (Cadien! Clay! Connor! Jack! And why you gotta screw up the C name symmetry, Jack!?) from Chicago (props, my hometown*) that make bluesy grimy glam-y power pop garage rock. They are a muscle car kind of band. The Camaro meets the Barracuda meets the Charger. Maybe Twin Peaks can be compared not just to cars but to other kinds of bands too. Like Big Star meets KISS. Or, maybe they just sound like a damn fine cup of coffee and an incredible slice of cherry pie.

You know what? These guys should probably tour with their city mates, The Orwells, if they haven’t already. Because they rock a similarly sweet and dirty pop vibe. And I should probably mind my own business

Twin Peaks are releasing their full-length album “Wild Onion” on Grand Jury on August 5th in the Year of The Trial-Size Dove Bar. It comes highly recommended for dirtbag alts and those that love them. It’s a listening party that will leave you dazed and confused and feeling so, so right as you rock ‘n roll allllll night. So you might want to get it. But if not. That's fine. You do you. It's your journey, man.

Here’s a good song from that record I was just mentioning in that paragraph above. Please pay attention to singer Clay Frankel. Because on this particular "cut" (music industry insider buzz speak - you wouldn't understand) he sounds like Iggy Pop meets King Krule. It's incredible. I shit you not.

(*look out for the Bulls this year - that's all I'm even going to say - look out for the Bulls - but if they end up having a disappointing season I will go back and remove this boastful part of the post - so it's a win win either way )

Published July 30, 2014



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