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Written by Patrick McNamara

Nashville’s Bully are a four person popster punk band led by singer/shredder Alicia Bognanno (and former Steve Albini intern - remind me to tell you my theory sometime that he and David Mamet are actually the same person). If you like instantly catchy fuzzcore you’re going to love letting Bully push you around. Watch out for their hooks. It’s a good time but you’ll leave with a black eye. And unless you have a frozen steak cooling in the ice box, ouch, that’s really gonna smart.

As per this dynamic original digital writing, Bully are playing CMJ - a Very Important Music Festivus - and I hope they win it. I truly do. Similarly, this band who likes to pick on people will soon tour with Drowners. They have also recently played shows with Best Coast and Superchunk and Those Darlins. And I’ve totally heard of all those bands, NBD. So it seems like this band is well on their way. It's just a shame they had to do it by preying on the weak.

Now, what I’m about to do is highly unorthodox for a Whoa My Blobness band profile, but I’ve taken the liberty of also providing a stream to the band we are discussing (JK I've done that since 2004, son). Below is Bully’s most recent song - also known as “cut” in Music Industry Insider speak - called “Milkman.” Does it rule? Yes. Yes, it does. Please remember, however, that streaming technology, while fun and convenient, is also pretty fake. If you like what you hear consider also getting the 7” this “cut” came from. It’s the real deal. The Real McCoy. You might have to fight just to get a copy. Ask Bully for some tips on how to do that against foes who are smaller and lighter.

In summation, have YOU ever seen a picture with David Mamet and Steve Albini together? I. Think. Not.

Published October 21, 2014



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