The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Sufjan Stevens + Waxahatchee + Alvvays + The Mountain Goats + Jeremy Enigk + The Decemberists + Jose Gonzalez + Chet Faker + Upset + Tommy Boys + Stars + Happyness + Odonis Odonis + Stevie Wonder + lots more goodness! - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Week: Sufjan Stevens + Waxahatchee + Alvvays + The Mountain Goats + Jeremy Enigk + The Decemberists + Jose Gonzalez + Chet Faker + Upset + Tommy Boys + Stars + Happyness + Odonis Odonis + Stevie Wonder + lots more goodness!

April 03, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Olá , caro leitor Rockness ! Você está pronto para falar sobre alguns bons shows que acontecem nesta semana ? Você conseguiu! Você está pronto para falar sobre eles em Português? Pode apostar!

OK. Vamos falar sobre bons shows em Inglês . Eu não sei Português.

Eu apenas usei o Google Translate para escrever esta introdução , que, vamos enfrentá-lo , é o meu melhor introdução nunca.

No aos bons shows!**

Monday - April 6th, 2015 A.D.

Definitely my best intro ever.

Both The Decemberists and Alvvays play Beacon Theatre tonight and it's debatable which of those two bands is the bigger one these days but we're not going to argue about that because this isn't a competition. Come for Colin. Get there mad early for Molly.

Mainstream Manchester popsters The Ting Tings play Rough Trade (and Wednesday at Webster Hall) and if I'm honest I must admit that The Ting Tings never meant a thing thing to me me. But it's a Monday night and you gotta take what you can get and I did once did say The Ting Tings had one of the worst band names I've heard but I wrote that way before Fartbarf was even thinking about becoming a band.

Other notable shows = Wyatt Cenac at Littlefield + Shilpa Ray at Manhattan Inn (free)


Tuesday - April 7th, 2015 A.D

Sxxxy sxxxy (2 times the sxxxy) smooth Australian popster Nicholas James Murphy aka Chet Faker sings with some slow beats at Terminal 5 tonight (and tomorrow too). Think Chet Baker meets LCD Soundsystem. Then un-think that because I'm just kidding with you. I like to do that sometimes. Did you ever get into Chet Baker, though? Talk about smooth. Man, could he blow. You should really watch this entire documentary sometime if you haven't seen it and I should really mind my own business.

Psych-y jingle-jangle power popsters Kuroma play Baby's All Right tonight and they have some sort of strategic connection to MGMT. Don't we all, dear Rockness reader? Don't we all?

Long time pop punk band All Time Low play a free show at Rough Trade and by free I mean not really because you have to purchase their new album to get in or some jazz like that. Guess who's never listened to All Time Low. THIS BLOB. Is this them?

Other notable shows = The Teen Age at Shea Stadium + DJ Chet Faker at Output + The London Souls at Bowery Ballroom


Wednesday - April 8th, 2015 A.D.

San Francisco shoegazers Whirr play Baby's All Right. Did you listen to that split they did with Nothing? File That One Under: good shit. I'll post it for you in a second but first I also wanted to add that you should get there early to see the harmonious pop punk of Pittsburgh's Adventures and I should ______ my own_______.

Swedish lo-fi folk slinging hero Jose Gonzalez brings a kind of hush* to Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (and Friday at Webster Hall). He recently released his first new album since 2007. It's called “Vestiges & Claws" and I do believe he'll be playing songs from it.

*hush because he's on Mute Records

April 8th is official Rex Manning Day to “Empire Records" nerds everywhere. But Rough Trade is going to bend the rules a bit and celebrate Rex Manning Day (and the film's 20th anniversary) not just on April 8th, but on the 9th and 10th too. All sorts of movie related activities are planned. And all three dates are sold out. Nerds!

Other notable shows = The Sonics at Irving Plaza + Weird Womb at Good Room (free) + Night Terrors of 1927 at Mercury Lounge + Fletcher C. Johnson at Palisades


Thursday - April 9th, 2015 A.D.

Waxahatchee headlines Music Hall of Williamsburg. She will be playing songs from her new album “Ivy Tripp" which comes out April 7th, otherwise known as the day before Rex Manning Day. Girlpool and The Goodbye Party open. I totally wrote kind words about those two bands too (click their names if you don't believe me). Speaking of that new Waxahatchee album, here's an old song that's totally not on it.

Eccentro-pop* heroes The Mountain Goats (click that if you like reading eight-year-old band profiles) have their own new album coming out the day before Rex Manning Day too. “Beat the Champ" is John Darnielle and crew's 127th full-length release (slight exaggeration should be used like salt - just a dash please) and the band is going to play songs from it at Webster Hall (and Saturday and Sunday at City Winery)

*if you ever come across the term “eccentro-pop" and I am not credited please email me immediately so I can discuss next steps with my legal team

**I've liked this song for many, many years

L.A.'s Big Business (please click that link if you enjoy reading eight-year-old band profiles) are a brutal duo that have been slinging the sludge since 2005, son. Tonight, Jared Warren and Coady Willis (also of Murder City Devils) jack up The Studio at Webster Hall like a mother.

San Francisco's Tommy Boys are a fantastic new #emo #punk #pop band. They play Saint Vitus tonight (and Saturday at Amityville Music Hall on Saturday). Listen to their debut full-length that I've conveniently provided right below these words because I've been wearing this album OUT. And when I listen to really good things I like to share them with you and maybe you'll like them too.

Other notable shows = Rex Manning Day at Rough Trade + Big Ups at Baby's All Right


Friday - April 10th, 2015 A.D.

Jeremy Enigk plays The Studio at Webster Hall. He was the singer in Sunny Day Real Estate but now he's just Jeremy... until the inevitable Sunny Day Real Estate reunion happens (again)... and then he'll go back to being the singer from Sunny Day Real Estate. “WELL I GOOOOOOO IN CIRCLES RUNNNNNING DOWWWWWN!" I'm a big Jeremy Enigk fan and his band got me through high school, basically. Here's a “should've-been-a-classic" deep solo cut from some years ago.

Los Angeles' Upset (Ali + Patty + Rachel + Lauren) play Shea Stadium. This popster punk band features former members of La Sera + Best Coast + Vivian Girls + Hole and not to brag, but I've totally heard of all those bands. File Under: sweet snappy jingle-jangle. RIYL: finding free money on the street.

Philip Selway (drummer of Radiohead) plays songs from his new solo record (his second) at (le) poisson rouge and I'm still deciding how much I want to pay for “In Rainbows."

Other notable shows = Public Service Broadcasting at Bowery Ballroom + Har Mar Superstar at Knitting Factory + Foxes in Fiction at Silent Barn + Washer at The Gutter + Sir Richard Bishop at Union Pool


Saturday - April 11th, 2015 A.D.

Oh, my God. HOW GOOD IS THE NEW SUFJAN STEVENS ALBUM. “Carrie and Lowell" is the masterpiece of Sufjan's career (also known as Subaru by that one teacher dude he had) and far and away one of the best albums I've heard in the past ten years. Not joking. It's art. He plays songs from it at Beacon Theater tonight and when it's time for “John My Beloved" that crash you hear will be my heart breaking. Brav the fuck O, Sufjan.

Toronto's Stars play Webster Hall and it's time to post “Calendar Girl" again. I do it every time. Can't stop. Won't stop. This song is now eleven years old. So good. Don't care. It doesn't always have to be NEW NEW NEW with us, you guys.

Other notable shows = Shlohmo at Irving Plaza + Kal Marks at Aviv + Sunflower Bean at Elvis Guesthouse + Shit Robot at Good Room + Cock Sparrer at Warsaw + The Soft Moon at Music Hall of Williamsburg + Tyvek at Silent Barn + OK Go at Terminal 5 + Kirin J Callinan at Baby's All Right (day) for “Drunk Yoga" + Tommy Boys at Amityville Music Hall


Sunday - April 12th, 2015 A.D.

Doubting Thomas Cruise Control play Cameo Gallery and they're good for reasons other than having the best band name in the world, hands down. That shit's just gravy. RIYL: slacker punk with sweet jingle-jangle. File Under: Tom Cruise needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself “Are you a member of an abusive cult, Ace?"

Toronto's Odonis Odonis loudly shred like a lot of sick bands from Toronto are wont to do. They bring the slightly sinister punk rock HEAT to Baby's All Right tonight. Wear earplugs and increase your odds of hearing the sweet voices of your adorable grandchildren someday.

And finally, Stevie Wonder performs “Songs in the Key of Life" at Barclay's Center. I live very close to that stadium so that basically means that me and Stevie Wonder are best friends. But I don't like to name drop on this thing.

Other notable shows = Converge at Webster Hall + Alice Smith at Bowery Ballroom


**Hello, dear Rockness Reader! Are you ready to talk about some good shows happening this week? You got it! Are you ready to talk about them in Portuguese? You bet!

OK. We'll talk about good shows in English. I don't know Português.

I just used Google Translate to write this intro which, let's face it, is my best intro ever.

On to the good shows!


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