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Written by Patrick McNamara

San Francisco’s Tommy Boys are a brand new band of three (Robbie + Daren + Tyler -- just first names, please -- like Prince... or Madonna…. or Steve) that play some of the catchiest twinkle emo pop punk you will hear this year. And considering it’s only February* that’s a pretty bold statement and one I have no intention of backing down from come December.

(*I almost immediately outdated this band profile by being so specific about when it was written - why do I fucking always sabotage my own shit like that.)

Tommy Boys weren't even in our vast Oh My Rockness database until I just added them to write this very thing you're reading now. That means they haven't played a show in NYC or Chicago or Los Angeles yet (that we knew about) and therefore they represent a wonderful opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of goodness. Tell your friends about Tommy Boys now so you may brag about it later. "I totally started liking those guys wayyyyyy back on February 16th, 2015, NBD."

The band just released their self-titled full-length debut - January 27th, 2015 since we're piling on the extra specific information extra thick for this profile, so why stop now - and it is nine tracks of pure pop delight. I have listened to it several times in a row….. by CHOICE. Why do I like it so? Well, singer/bassist Robbie has a really good clear emo voice that's always on point, Daren’s pretty guitar noodles with the best of today’s twinklers (and even 1997’s too), and Tyler’s drumming helps keep things nice, concise and super fucking tight. That's why.

Go ahead and stream the whole super solid 27 minute album below (rough time estimate - I eyeballed it). Not only am I feeling pretty confident you’ll like it (unless you don’t like pop, in which case I prefer not to do business with a sick and twisted monster) but I’m also betting heavy you’ll listen to it multiple times on several occasions…. by CHOICE, man. So press play and turn that shit up.

RIYL: good

File Under: 100000% not bad

Published February 16, 2015



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