((Odonis Odonis)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Goodness Goodness. Yes. Another new, good Toronto band. Thanks, Toronto! Throaty yelps and shouts. Thrashy riffs. Slightly sinister distortion. Odonis Odonis plays sludgy industrial noise PUNK. The PUNK is capitalized because I mean business and so do these guys.

This band is so loud it'll make you want to tear off your clothes and bark naked at the moon. If you're a shapeshifter....who often turns into a dog. If you’re a regular person, Odonis Odonis will just make you want to "rock out".... most likely in a cramped, claustrophobic space... a space whose heavy darkness is occasionally disrupted by oppressive beams of light... blasted at your face.... and destructive decibels... also blasted... that's right... at your FACE. It's a fun time. Almost as fun as the overuse.... of the ellipsis.... but not quite.

As of this writing, Odonis Odonis is currently playing shows with METZ and The Soupcans. Those two nice and noisy bands are from Toronto too. But you'll know that when you click their respective names which will take you to their respective Oh My Rockness original band profiles (it doesn't just link to their band website, bb).

Listen to the new Odonis Odonis album below. I recommend recommend you blast it blast it.

Published April 11, 2013



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