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Doubting Thomas Cruise Control

Written by Patrick McNamara

First. Brooklyn’s Doubting Thomas Cruise Control seriously have one of the best band names I have ever heard in the modern musical era. I mean that sincerely, man, and I will never take back the sentiment. If you don’t like the name Doubting Thomas Cruise Control it’s just because you’re disappointed you didn’t think of it first. Oh well. Pick yourself up, dust off, and carry on.

But enough about the name (legendary as it is) you want to know what the fuck does this band of four (Bobby + Sean + Chris + Joe) sound like. Pardon my f#$%*. You got punk rock with some good jingle-jangle and a dash of the old slacker vibe which makes for some pretty solid songs. How's that? That should be enough for you to take a chance on streaming this band for free, don’t you think? You don’t need other bands this band sounds like or anything gimmicky like that, right? Cool. I was getting worried you’d put me in the position where I'd have to make a Pavement comparison. Phew. Dodged a goddamn bullet with that one. Pardon my f#$%*.

DTCC (not to be confused with DCFC who are not a good band anymore) have played a bunch of shows since we started keeping track of their antics wayyyyy back in 2012 and they've shared the stage with the following Rockness favorites: LVL UP + Washer + Heeney + Sunflower Bean + Ovlov. I hope those names inspire you to click and read more about those bands too. But at least have the courtesy until we’re done talking about this band, please.

I’m going to do a pretty selfless act for you right now and post Doubting Thomas Cruise Control’s latest release directly below these words. It’s called “Moonchild/Jailface” and it’s six songs of warbled indie punk pop wonderment. I hope you like it like I like it, but it’s cool if you don’t. It’s your journey, man. Not mine.

(and if you like this record there is more DTCC goodness where that came from on the World Wide Intrasphere)

In summation, remember when I said Doubting Thomas Cruise Control was one of the best band names of the modern era? I did a little soul searching while you were busy reading and decided I really should refine that proclamation a bit. Therefore, please quote me as saying the following (word for word) -- “Doubting Thomas Cruise Control is one of the best band names of ANY musical era." And that I will NEVER back down from. So help me blob.

Published March 2, 2015



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